FDA warns consumers of illegal products marketed to diabetics


The federal government put makers of illegal products marketed to diabetics on notice this week.

The U.S. Drug and Food Administration warned sales of such products violates federal law. The products, including some labeled as dietary supplements, claim to mitigate, treat, cure or prevent diabetes and related complications.

They go by such names as “Sugar Balancer,” “Eradicator,” “Diabetes Daily Care” and “Zoom-Zooma-Zoom.” A complete list of can be found at www.fda.gov/ForConsumers/ProtectYourself/HealthFraud/ucm352276.htm

Diabetes affects nearly 26 million Americans, putting them at greater risk for heart disease, blindness, kidney failure and lower-extremity amputations if the disease is not managed appropriately, the FDA said in a news release.

The FDA cautioned that the illegally sold products also may contain harmful ingredients or may be otherwise unsafe, though officials are not aware of any reports of injury or illness associated with them. Consumers and health care providers are urged to report any adverse event associated with the products by clicking here.


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