Sudden purchase of mall property puzzling


I was delighted, but befuddled at the front-page headline on Wednesday about — apparently — the pending purchase of the old Blue Mountain Mall property.

Over the years since the collapse and deterioration of the mall, all of the articles in the U-B and all the releases from the various politicians and/or government agencies have harped over and over about how nothing could be done about the money-pit eyesore because the owners could not be identified within all the convoluted corporations with ownership of various portions.

Now, suddenly, when someone wants to buy the property, the owners have surfaced or mysteriously become identifiable? How does that work?

Gwen Wall

Walla Walla



barracuda says...

Just remember...........
This is nothing more that a sale of a piece of derelict property... Yet....

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Hersey says...

Sept. 2012 - The mall property was purchased by Key Bank subsidiary OREO Corp. for $4 million, said attorney Andrea Burkhart. Further details of the sale were not available.

#The company bought the mall at an auction on the steps of the Walla Walla County Courthouse. The property has been the subject of a series of foreclosures and sales processes over the past several years.

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