Why don’t our kids have place to swim?


I don’t know why we don’t love our children anymore. When I grew up here in Walla Walla we cared enough about our children to provide them places to swim and play when it was the occasional triple-digit day.

The people of Milton-Freewater provided such a place for their children by building them a water playground center. Why do we keep voting one down for our children?

We were willing to spend lots of money to build a children’s prison to keep our children in when they go wrong and we spent millions to build a fortress-style station for the police. Why nothing for our kids?

In the time since I was a kid the percentage of Walla Walla’s budget that is consumed by law enforcement has grown but nobody feels safer. Why not invest in the future?

What will we leave our children besides a desert where wine grapes used to grow before we forgot to save the Earth.

David Higgins

Walla Walla


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