CrewSpace is also for adults


I wanted to acknowledge Alfred Diaz and the Union-Bulletin for covering the CrewSpace project at Walla Walla’s library — we were tickled to see the story on page one! Of course, to the team that has been working on this endeavor for the last year, it has always been front-page news.

I’m writing this note to mention that many of the classes we’ll be offering at CrewSpace will actually be for adults as well as middle- and high-schoolers. Photography, writing, design, music — even how to come up with better passwords! — everything that has to do with media creation for beginning, intermediate and advanced learners (we call those categories NEWB, GEEK and PRO) of all ages.

Keep up the good work, and see you at CrewSpace!

Jeffrey Townsend

Walla Walla


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