In the Minutes - Weston City Council


City Council members are Bill Boyd, Lyn Delph, Julie Schuld and Jennifer Spurgeon. With all present Thursday, the Council:

BUDGET: Approved resolution adopting state revenue sharing, approved water and sewer rate increases, approved 2013-14 budget.

COMP TIME: Voted 2-3 against adding a line item to the 2013-14 budget for $6,000 in comp time for city police. Delph and Schuld voted in favor.

INCOME: Discussed Census Bureau data, which states the median income in Weston as $48,000. Mayor Duane Thul said that number was too high and would put Weston outside the range of many grants. Council discussed forming a committee to look into getting the number changed, no action was taken.

SENIOR HOUSING: Discussed siting for proposed senior housing, took no action on approving a site.

CAMERAS: Considered buying cameras for City Hall at a cost of $5,334.87 and approved motion to get two more bids.

POLICE: Approved motion to defer hiring of John Thorndike as full-time police officer pending a Council interview. Of five applicants, Thorndike was the only one with proper certification.

OTHER ACTION: Adopted parks master plan, approved allowing Anderson Perry to send water plan to state agencies, adopted resolution on traffic growth.

COMMENT: Public works director commented that any material cut into the creek would need to be removed by public works to avoid flooding and logjams, and asked citizens to avoid cutting material into the creek without removing it.


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