Use Walla Walla police bond funds for police


Let’s think seriously before we start using the police station bond funds for a $66,000 electrical upgrade at City Hall.

First, who does the money belong to?

Second, was the intended purpose of the $66,000 bond money — the Police Department?

Third, is there anyone from the Police Department still working in the City Hall?

Fourth, doesn’t City Hall have its own funding?

Too many times our designated/elected representatives borrow from one fund to cover another fund. However, in the majority of times, those borrowed funds do not make it back to the original coffer.

Then when the borrowed money is needed for something appropriate, such as in this case, the Police Department station, it is all used up and cannot be returned.

That results in going back to the well of the city’s citizens and requesting more money, which likely results in more taxes for property, etc.

We are seeing this whole scenario too often with the money for Social Security and the elderly. We are told that by the time many of us file for Social Security it is likely there may not be funds available.

When was the last time you heard borrowed money was returned to the Social Security fund?

So if the money for the police bond is borrowed for the City Hall electricity issue, when will you see it returned?

If the city does not have the money for the City Hall work, officials should be honest and tell the citizens. Find a way to raise the money without borrowing another fund.

Alice Thomsen

Walla Walla



barracuda says...

Look at this weeks UB poll at the bottom of the home page, it shows this letter is spot on!
Great Letter Ms. Thomsen
The WW School dist. tried this trick, and it cost them a revamp of Wa-Hi bond.
Keep the money where it belongs, or pay down the bond.......

Posted 15 June 2013, 8:11 p.m. Suggest removal

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