Lift ridiculous financial burdens from USPS


I retired from the Walla Walla Post Office five years ago after serving as a city letter carrier for almost 25 years. In all those years, I would have welcomed having Saturdays off, and I think most carriers would also.

You miss out on a lot having to work most Saturdays. So I believe the decision to eliminate Saturday delivery starting in August is a good idea, not only for the carriers, but also the cost savings for the USPS are enormous.

Eliminating Saturday delivery is just what should be the beginning of cost savings for the Postal Service.

However, our own government stands in the way with no thoughts of eliminating a huge burden for the USPS.

There are other costs that would bankrupt any private company, yet our government mandates the Postal Service prepay health benefits for retired employees many years before they even retire. That is a cost of $5.6 billion a year.

Let’s see now, USPS is $8.5 billion in the hole, so eliminating that mandate would save $33 billion over the next five years. But the government refuses to come to the table and talk about it.

Now there is the planned USPS Postal Forum Conference scheduled in San Francisco, with a cost of $2.2 million for 400 executives. That’s $5,500 per person for four days. Just what are they eating there?

Working all those years for the USPS, I saw the waste of revenue in management that would never happen in the private sector.

No private sector corporation would spend so much money in non-productive jobs and still survive, yet the hunger to turn the USPS into a private company is widespread.

A privately owned postal service would cost you close to $2 for a first-class stamp instead of 46 cents.

There are never rewards for people who work efficiently and safely. The only reward you get is more deliveries added to your route, and higher expectations from management.

There are thousands of people who sit at desks pushing numbers on paper around and trying to think of ideas that might make their job seem important.

If you want the USPS to survive, please write your U.S. Congress people and senators and ask them to lift the ridiculous financial burdens from the Postal Service.

Dan R. Clark

Walla Walla


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