Make all people pay for schools


I liked some of the parts in the Walla Walla High School bond proposal. But I am also sick and tired of being singled out as glorified renters/property owners to be the ones footing the bill for theses bonds. Every time!

With something as important as Wa-Hi improvements, all citizens of the school district, including new immigrants regardless of immigration status, should also pay for a part of any bond that improves our town or school system. And we need practical improvement not luxurious ones.

This economy and what the current regime is doing to improve it is not working. Because of Obamacare my taxes and insurance have gone up. Insurance alone has eclipsed my mortgage and associated costs with it.

I just recieved a letter that it is going to rise another $1,000 during the year. Like I said, the only fair way is all to have to pay for a piece of the pie not just glorified renters such as I.

James Cazier

Walla Walla


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