Parents need to stand up to NRA


We have an opportunity right now to loosen the death grip of the NRA lobbyists on our country and our politicians.

We can choose to create a safer society — instead of this violent and fearful one (concocted in part by the marketing ploy of the NRA to sell more guns).

Concerned citizens just need to stand up and show our politicians what it looks like to not cower to the NRA bully. Maybe moms — who, like myself, have lost sleep since the tragedy at Sandy Hook — imagining the horror those children and staff at the school went through and worrying about our own children’s safety. Maybe you believe the experts in the media when they say there is little that can be done to predict or prevent these mass killings, maybe you don’t want to get tangled in the vitriol of gun rights vs. control.

But the parents who lost their children at Sandy Hook and the people of Newtown are asking us to make a pledge (the Sandy Hook Promise); to continue this conversation about sensible solutions to prevent violence and more importantly to put into action a plan to make our communities and country safer from similar acts.

You only need to look back through our country’s history to see the huge political sway mothers (and all women) can have on shaping our nation. Even before we were given the right to vote, women have had influence — from abolishing slavery, forming of the suffrage and temperance movements and in many other social issues involving the welfare of those underrepresented.

Women have a unique world view and we understand the importance of not just an individual’s rights, but the rights of a society and more importantly the rights of those not given a voice (as in our children). The maternal instinct to protect our children is very strong and seems to be, historically, the glue that holds a society together.

The NRA’s callous and self-serving response to the tragedy by suggesting we put guns in schools reflects their true motive — money. With public safety issues like this, we cannot let money or an individual’s right rise above the right of all — the people’s right to “domestic tranquility.” Or, in modern terms, to not turn our schools, streets and public places into “Call of Duty” shooting zones.

Please join Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America.

Carin Gordon

Walla Walla



gamehunter says...

What "actions" are you suggesting?

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briandohe says...

I like the Sandy Hook Promise ( check it out at I hope that others will agree that we (and members of Congress) can have a discussion and debate about gun violence, background checks, high capacity ammunition clips, and assault-style rifles. As a person who lost a friend to a Tacoma shooting by a mentally distributed stalker on the PLU campus on May 17, 2001, I thank you for your letter.

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Ropehorse says...

Wow, you seriously need to join the real world and understand the whole picture !!

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campbell_rd says...

The issue cannot be resolved with more laws to restrict law abiding citizens. Sandy Hook was caused by a deranged lunatic, he would have killed no matter what laws are in place. We have very strict laws currently, unfortunately several key individuals (especially Eric Holder) fail to uphold those laws. The NRA is trying to protect the 2nd amendment to the Constitution.

I have daughters and I trained them to defend themselves. We all hope to never have to defend our homes, our children or our communities from madmen/madwomen but it happens, which is why our fore fathers were so smart to make the Constitution.

If you truly are concerned (which I'm sure you are and should be) then demand that current laws be upheld and prosecute those who break them. For example demand that Eric Holder be removed from office for incompetence. Thousands of people fail background checks, yet very few are ever prosecuted. Where is outcry, where is the demands for justice there? Look at history, the cities with the strictest gun laws have the HIGHEST crime. Restricting guns actually make it less safe for children and law abiding citizens.

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briandohe says...

I've heard this argument before about prosecuting those who fail a background check. Can you point me to a website that explains what a background check is? Why would failing a background check warrant an arrest?

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PearlY says...

Brian, failing a background check is usually due to failing to disclose on the application that you have a prior felony conviction or are subject to a protection order for domestic violence. This history is then caught when the dealer runs a NCIS check. Failure to fill out the application truthfully is perjury, which is a crime subject to arrest and prosecution (unless your surname is Clinton, of course).

The Department of Justice keeps statistics on this and there are several thousand who fail this test each year, but literally a handful who are prosecuted for it. Even people on parole, who are committing a parole violation, are usually not punished for this.

Of course, it takes effort and work to track down, arrest and prosecute criminals who break the law. It takes much less effort to disarm the law-abiding who, by definition, abide by the laws of the land.

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PearlY says...

Oops! Should have been NICS, not NCIS.

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pdywgn says...

This letter is just confusing. I would like to know how the NRA would profit from armed security in a school. They offered a suggestion. Your letter insinuates that only women nurture, care for and worry about their children and other peoples children.

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carcrazy says...

As a parent, I would like to stand up and personally thank the NRA. They have sponsored gun safety classes for years and in fact my 2 very young sons took part in a class that taught them the essentials of firearms safety. To this day they have retained what they were taught and they make me proud every time I get to observe them handling their guns. By the way. I also took part in an NRA sponsored Police Firearms Instructor course 20 years ago. I am not now an NRA member but I do want to thank them for staunchly defending our 2nd amendment rights.

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PearlY says...

Thank the NRA by joining. Now more than ever, politicians need to see that the NRA's defense of our 2nd amendment rights is supported by millions of Americans.

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Iopine says...

I see that some people like to do a search but only a partial and exclaim that they have the total picture in hand. Why not do the total search and get all of the facts for your story. If you had you would know that schools all over the country (not as many in blue states) are actually putting armed security on campus of these schools. A school in AR has placed an on-duty police officer in a classroom so they can operate right out of the school. Another school in CT has placed armed security in there school and actually acknowledged that the NRA had a good idea. Now almost everyone has stated that these atrocities have been committed by deranged or mentally challenged persons so where is the outcry to start creating solutions to help take care of these persons. A gun is a inanimate object and has no more chance of committing a crime by itself anymore than a baseball bat, tire iron, brass knucks or any other object that just lays right where you left it. So start looking at areas to be able to take care of these people through medical & mental institutions instead of unassuming parents or caregivers to ignore.

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shiftboss1 says...

As a mom, it was my gun that was my back up for my one year old daughter and I the morning a mentally ill man who had walked away from a mental hospital in Canada and hopped a freight train into the US somehow made it on to a dead end gravel road in Umatilla County. He wanted in my house and the nearest Deputy was not near enough, although a very well trained neighbor was. I was not going to cower to this individual. My maternal instinct was very strong that morning and because of my training and ability I was not worried about how I was going to defend my daughter and myself if he decided to break in. In the end he got a trip to the Umatilla County Jail and from there a ride back to Canada. I support the NRA and my right to defend my family, with deadly force, if needed.

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wwairship says...

It's just this kind of knee-jerk, gun-grabbing over-reach that has motivated me to join the NRA for the first time in my life. I did a five-year membership, and thanks to widely expressed ignorance and apparent rank disdain for the constitution and our bill of rights, I think I'll now upgrade to life membership. Long live the republic!

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Captain says...

It sounds like we have a huge thing in common...the unwaivering and undying love for our children. This is why I will teach my kids the value of honor, respect and how to shoot the whiskers off a mouse at a hundred yards! It physically hurts me to hear someone (especially locally) tearing down the 2nd amendment.
The USA and the Swiss are two of the last (essentially) developed countries left on planet earth that have not been disarmed! And what do you know...Switzerland is the safest country in the world. hmmm...
oh and its not the NRA driving up gun sales its more like the fact that our government has bought out all the ammo in America (all public records) which creates buying frenzies. In the last 12 months they have purchased well over two billion DOMESTIC rounds. These are mainly hollow point rounds which are against the Geneva Convention for use in war so yes these are domestic rounds. Our government has the huge prepaid ammo contracts which gives them priority above the citizens. luckily some ammo companies are seeing the writing on the wall and are dropping or delaying government contracts.
I hope one day the original poster will take the blinders off and even possibly pick up a history book. history is as crazy if not crazier than any science fiction film you have ever seen.
My kids will be taught how to survive not how to stand in a bread line. God Bless our Founding Fathers. You may have heard of some of them: George Washington...whos that? Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson...kind of rings a bell I hope. They specifically gave us the 2nd amendment to overthrow tyrannical rule. Without the firearm we are at the complete mercy of...(fill in blank either way its scary).
Thanks Walla Walla Union Bulletin for hosting these discussions.

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pdywgn says...

shiftboss1-Well done, I hope he received the care he needed and all ended well for him as well. (I say that because, I don't think you were eager to use deadly force on someone in a deminished capacity and he was returned to Canada, where maybe he received proper tratment). You obviously don't live in some fantasy land where you can make up rights such as the right to "domestic tranquility". Skew history by ignoring the CivilWar involved firearms in freedom of slavery and that the Temperence movement was a total failure that only seemed to gain power to the modern gangster. By the way domestic tranquility is a goal not a right. I know that for a fact because I've been married over thirty years:)

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Iopine says...

Congratulations! :)

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fatherof5 says...

These discussions often turn into arguments about defending the 2nd Amendment and our right to bear arms. Ironically, no one is arguing for the repeal of that constitutional right. The real argument here is much more subtle.

For example, shiftboss1 (above) tells a compelling story about being home alone with her baby and being thankful that she had a gun when a mentally ill man tried to break in. No one is arguing that she shouldn't be able to own a gun. To the contrary, in her situation it sounds like a good idea. My wife and I own a gun for similar reasons...and for the occasional skunk and possum that moves in.

The question is not whether we have a right to bear arms (we do), the question is what kind of arms and under what circumstances. Similarly, our 1st Amendment right to free speech is not without its limits. For example, by law, we can't slander others or violate the "time, place, manner" rule typically referred to as yelling "fire" in a crowded theater. There are other limitations, as well.

By that same token, the 2nd Amendment doesn't give us the right to bear surface-to-air missiles, even though they can be "borne." Ronald Reagan argued against citizens possessing machine guns, and Antonin Scalia recently said, “It will have to be decided in future cases what limitations upon the right to bear arms are permissible. Some undoubtedly are.”

So the question is not: "Should we ban guns or not?" The appropriate and reasonable questions are: "What should be our policy on background checks?" "What, if anything, should be done about gun sales that occur outside of regulated gun stores?" "Should the number of bullets per clip be limited?" and finally this question: "If we all agree that BB guns are allowable, but surface-to-air missiles are not, then where should the line be drawn in between those extremes?"

You can argue either side of semi-automatic weapons, background checks, and magazine clips, and still be a good American. I wish Americans, the media and the NRA would focus in a civil manner on the real areas of the debate and avoid the hysterical extremes of "They're coming for our guns" or "Guns are the root of all evil." Neither is true, nor are they relevant or helpful.

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barracuda says...

Good letter... Fatherof5.... I agree with you on this....
Wow, did I say that?.... :)

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fatherof5 says...

Funny. :)

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briandohe says...

EXCELLENT comments!

Posted 9 March 2013, 7:19 a.m. Suggest removal

PearlY says...

I respect your civil statement of your position, but not your naivete.

The people who are currently most vigorous in their efforts to limit the type of weapon and the size of magazines, people like Obama, Feinstein, the Brady group, etc., have all made their positions clear that their ultimate goal is, indeed, to "come for our guns." And Senator Feinstein's proposed legislation makes a very good start by banning a huge variety of different firearms, often for no more than cosmetic reasons. And while she doesn't propose to immediately confiscate these guns already in private hands, she proposes full registration so they can easily be confiscated in the future, exactly as was done in several other countries which have since confiscated their citizens' firearms.

There is nothing hysterical in recognizing reality.

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barracuda says...

While I agree that there is a need for a change... I need someone to explain to me how we plan on implamenting changes. How can we get these new style of bans to work on the "bad" guys? They already have these styles of guns, and I dont see how we can remove them. If their rival has them too, they wont give them up either. There are already laws concerning felons and guns, but that doesnt stop them from having the guns. Please explain.... I too will be more willing to comply, if there is a good responce... Other wise I am not will to to give up my freedoms and others keep their toys.

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mytwocents says...

Everyone is so darn busy thinking that guns are the problem, and trying to figure out how to regulate them,that they are missing the bigger picture. Regulating guns will only affect law abiding citizens.. We are the ones who follow the rules. THE GREAT BIG IMPORTANT PICTURE IS OUR COUNTRY'S MENTAL
HEALTH SYSTEM... OR LACK's those unbalanced, off their meds,chip on their shoulder people who open fire on a school full of small children. Fix the mental health system, then reopen the gun issue, if its even really necessary then.

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fatherof5 says...

Good point about the mental health system. As for guns, one can argue that "guns don't kill people, people do." But the people who kill people do so a lot easier with semi-automatic rifles.

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fatherof5 says...

Here's a [LINK][1] to President Obama's 23 executive orders on the subject, which largely have to do with how the government agencies share information and how we deal with mental illness. Nothing too controversial there, I don't think.

What I've read is that in addition to the 23 steps above, he wants a renewal of the expired assault weapons ban, background checks on all gun sales, and a limit of 10 rounds per clip. My understanding is that there is no proposal to actively disarm the public of their weapons that would become banned, which would obviously be a nightmare to enforce. It's a work in progress. My hope is that the bad guys would gradually - over the course of decades - lose their easy access to assault weapons.

There is no solution, however, that will utterly end gun violence...or just plain violence. We carry that capacity with us wherever we go. Perhaps we can reduce it a bit, though, and reduce the scope of how quickly so many people can be killed by one lunatic. That may be all that we can hope for, but it's enough for me to make it worth the effort.


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Iopine says...

Right off the bat I'm not making a rebuttal on anyones posts - I believe with all of the years of written laws these politicians have become lazy. The president of all with more staff and czars than you can count - send them to the so-called "Law Library" (instead of out walking the dog or promoting White House parties) and dig in the laws already in force and then go and enforce them. There are laws on the books that entail just about everything that these politicians want to pass as new laws but are to lazy to research and then give to the law enforcement personnel and give them the authority to enforce. There are so many contradicting and duplicating laws now that there is no sense in killing any more trees to write more!

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Igor says...

What would be wrong with having armed guards at schools? At least the students and teachers would have a chance if someone like Adam Lanza strolls in with a rifle and opens fire.

Posted 13 March 2013, 3:35 p.m. Suggest removal

zerocat says...

So next there will be bloody deaths somwhere else with knives and swords and king Oboso will wanna ban knives and swords. And will be another huge debate. No matter what you do, criminals will get guns. USA supplied the cartels in mexico with guns with the gun walking issue and no one got in trouble but the wistle blower..

Inmate in prison find ways to make weapons no matter how many rules you make.

How would OBOSO do any gun grab either when they cant even secure the border from jose/juan/ect launching drugs and guns, babies, illegals over the border fence that says VACANCY here and the usa in return gives them welfare checks, drivers licences, jobs .

Democrats forgot last time they did assult weapon ban they lost there jobs following there Messiah "Bill Clinton" (While he was tagging up Monica in the White House). There following there Messiah again KING OBOSO. Senate looks like in 2014 a opening for GOP to take over and give us our freedom back as long as they drop old school thoughts and come into the main stream.

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PeggyJoy says...

NRA is nothing, but a propaganda machine for the gun industry in this country. Their not interested in your life or any one else's, except the almighty dollar. They have made themselves filthy rich conviencing the fools of this country, that their lives are in danger every second, of every minute, of every hour of every day. How does it feel to live in constant fear? Better yet, how does it feel to have your children living in constant fear of their lives. What kind of childhood is that! Shame on the NRA, and shame on the men/women that continue to promote this fearmongering.
Just how to they expect their children to growup and act like a reasonable adult, when they are lacking it.

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Iopine says...

That's funny - in another section of the paper a couple of girls in a severe fight! As long as I have my 2nd Amendment rights - trust I'm not afraid of anything but when my 2nd Amendment rights are taken away then I will be a little nervous.

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campbell_rd says...

Okay, this topic gets keep going so I have another proposal. If we institute a gun ban on types of weapons and ammo, then there are NO exemptions. If an honest citizen can't have them then no on else can either. The only exception would be our military overseas. No security details, Homeland Security, FBI, no police, no congressional exceptions. Our current lawmakers are far too often exempt from the laws they make, no more.

Is anyone willing to attempt to pass that law?

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barracuda says...

Here is an idea... With the internet being increasingly more prominent and since there is no way to remove these guns completely.... (except from the law abiding citizens)... How about we set up scanning system for all packages... What a nightmare, but yet it would be a way to keep Saturdays mail.

Posted 19 March 2013, 8:40 a.m. Suggest removal

barracuda says...

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