Homosexuals honor marriage


I would like to add my perspective on the “threats” to marriage to that of Lorne Blackman’s. I agree there has been a real breakdown in respect for marriage.

However, heterosexuals are to blame for that — through infidelity, divorce, domestic violence, parental abandonment, etc.

I also believe that having a good mother and father is to be desired for every child, but sadly that has become almost the exception today. Instead we have bad marriages that are better ended for all involved, including the children. This is an unfortunate situation, but in many cases a subsequent relationship provides a healthy environment for all concerned.

Such alternate family groupings as single-parent homes and homosexual couples can, and often do, find a surrogate or role model for the missing parent of the opposite sex and enjoy a happy, successful family.

Rather than degrade marriage, homosexuals honor marriage in their desire and efforts to be allowed to marry. Conversely heterosexual couples are increasingly “degrading” marriage by choosing not to marry — although sometimes for good reason (e.g. age or finances).

No one is “redefining” marriage. It is a legal arrangement. Some enter into it “in the sight of God” and regard it as a sacramental act. Should we hold it against them if it makes them feel good? No one is forbidding that, nor are they likely to.

Mr. Blackman may never have re-examined and changed any of his beliefs, but many of us do, and it is rarely easy, particularly in the case of a strongly held religious, traditional and/or political belief.

But when you see something you believe differently, you can’t undo the insight, though you may choose to cling to the former belief, if for no other reason than to remain in a comfortable rut.

Dolores Klinsky Walker

Walla Walla


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