City residents should fund their library


I find it interesting that at a meeting, I believe June 30, 2011, it was said at a City Council meeting that the city library was grossly underfunded. At that meeting a man asked then-Mayor Barbara Clark why it was underfunded.

“When there is not enough money to fund everything you like, you start to say which is most important. And I would say for the majority of the Council the library is not as important,” Clark answered.

If in 2008 the city manager said we could have saved over $100,000 by not filling the library director’s job, what is the library director’s salary?

I would like to challenge those in the Library Users Coalition to get a fundraiser going for the city library. Expecting someone else to support their library is kinda like welfare — you support us, we’ll sit on our rears and take it as long as you’ll do it.

I assume the city library is nonprofit, so you would have to get a special permit from the Secretary of State’s office to be able to do a fundraiser. We have lots of people in Walla Walla who know how; ask them for information.

So let’s get a copy of the city library budget to see where the money goes, see if we can trim anywhere and make it more self supporting, then get those in the Library Users Coalition to start a fundraiser, set a goal that is reasonable to help for three or four years and get at it.

I’ll certainly be interested to see if it accepts the challenge and actually does something besides try to get someone else to pay.

Have you read the city library’s mission statement lately?

“Serving the people of Walla Walla as a community information and lifelong learning center, the Walla Walla Public Library acquires, organizes, provides and promotes informational, educational, recreational and cultural materials for people of all ages.” No where in there does it include rural Walla Walla County.

Minutes of meetings are kept for accuracy so any reporting has to be accurate as well.

Floralyn Taylor

Walla Walla



Iopine says...

I would bet that the funds for raises of the city management is always kept in the fore front even if the library is not on the important list!

Posted 11 March 2013, 6:53 p.m. Suggest removal

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