Cameron says Argentina should respect Falkand vote


LONDON — People living on the South Atlantic archipelago of the Falkland Islands voted almost unanimously to keep their status as a British territory, rejecting Argentina’s claim to sovereignty.

After two days of balloting, 1,513 people of 1,517 chose to retain the status quo, according to the Falkland Islands Government. Three “No” votes were cast, and one vote was unaccounted for. The turnout was 92 percent.

“The Falkland islanders couldn’t have spoken more clearly,” Prime Minister David Cameron said today.

The Falklands government called the referendum to reinforce its stance that the inhabitants want to stay British in the face of increasing pressure from Argentina, which says the islands were wrongly taken from it in the 19th century. Argentine forces were expelled by U.K. troops after invading in 1982.


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