Obama does not lead from the front


As an Illinois senator, Barrack Obama voted present over 100 times. He carried this example of political leadership to the presidency when he voted “present” during the Benghazi massacre and then retired for the evening.

He provides money, high tech tanks and planes to our enemies (the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood). The 200 tanks are an armored division. The 20 F-16 fighters are not “knock-off” cheap export models, but our best “made-in–the-USA” models.

President Obama’s anti-constitutional philosophy is having a negative effect throughout the military. I had a recent conversation with a USMC infantry battalion commander who is retiring because of missions and orders opposed the oath he took to support and defend the Constitution. He stated many of his fellow officers are also getting out for the same reason.

Apparently, senior officers in other branches are being interviewed and asked if they would fire on American citizens if ordered by the president. If they say no, they are relieved. This adds to the concern of why Attorney General Holder would not answer a similar question about the use of drones against U.S. citizens.

Homeland Security bought millions of rounds of ammo and numerous armored vehicles. Why? This is troubling. What is President Obama planning?

The Marine officer stated the USMC has been trying for years to establish a measuring base for women infantry but the women can’t make it past a few days.

He implied the USMC infantry standards could be lowered.

As a retired infantry officer (and Vietnam veteran), I find it disingenuous for those who have never been in sustained combat or even in the military to think it’s great for women to serve in the infantry. Do we really want our sons and daughters serving under this president?

Having attended some of the finest Army leadership courses, I suggest that President Obama go through some of them and find out what it really takes to be a leader. Where you can’t vote “present,” but lead from the front as the infantryman statue at Fort Benning is enscribed: “...Follow me ...I am the infantry.”

No one leads from a teleprompter, except when supported by the media.

Craig Buchanan

Walla Walla



usnmustang says...

Simple, to the point, accurate and well said!! SIR!!

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