Local girl-fight video an outrage


It’s difficult to watch the video posted on Facebook of two local teenage girls fighting as other teens encourage the violence. It’s disgusting and outrageous — and it happened in Walla Walla.

It isn’t only the violence that’s sickening, but the ignorance, lack of judgment and outright stupidity of all involved. Comments heard on the video, which was shot in a downtown alley and posted on the Walla Walla Sweet Onion Burger Facebook site, indicate the fight was taped in the hope it would gain attention — go viral — on the Internet.

That it happened is so wrong on so many levels. The brutality fueled by the mob, the disregard for the lives of others and the lack of basic human compassion are just a few of the outrages.

People are heard — even seen — advising the girls how to hurt each other. Over and over a girl is urged to choke out the other girl.

These girls could have been seriously injured or killed. Those involved would be going to prison, their lives — and the lives of their family members — damaged.

This incident isn’t fun and games. It is a crime.

When the police figure out exactly what happened and who is involved — and they will — the participants should be prosecuted aggressively and sent to jail. A strong message must be sent making it clear this type of cruel, bloodthirsty video “show” is unacceptable behavior in society.



PeggyJoy says...

Never under estimate the stupidity of children. Why do I called these "teenagers" children! Because they are behaving like children. And girls fighting! How uncivilized it that! Seems they haven't been taught any respect for others, including themselves.

Posted 18 March 2013, 2:52 p.m. Suggest removal

Cowboy01 says...

Big deal!! So some teenagers went and had a fist fight to settle there differences, WOW that is just sooo unheard of. Fist fights are not uncommon and yes girls fight to, get over it!! The only thing you seem to have your eyes open to is that yes it was videotaped and put on Face book, yes that was a bad call but whatever. At least they slugged it out with their fist and not used a gun!!! Did you ever think for a second that it’s just kids being kids? No, didn't think so. "Fueled by the mob," give me a break. It was a little fist fight or should I say slap fight and saying seriously injured or killed that is funny. Get over it people, if you don’t want to watch than don't hit the play button. You can watch the UFC on TV and think it is great entertainment right well guess what those UFC fighters have a better chance of being seriously injured then the two little girls ever did.

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PeggyJoy says...

As my grandmother would have asked these kids, and I'm asking you "Were you raised in a barn?" Only animals behave in this manner. Male or female, I don't really care, but these kids need some parental guidence like NamVet60 questioned. And your excuse, Cowboy...........kids just being kids. Really! Normal kids don't behave like animals..............attacking and beating up each other. And since you seem to enjoy this kind of activity by kids, I would say there is something seriously wrong with your thinking, and should never be a parent.

Posted 19 March 2013, 2:23 p.m. Suggest removal

Iopine says...

Could this be attributed to lack of much needed parental guidance?

Posted 18 March 2013, 6:34 p.m. Suggest removal

Cowboy01 says...

PeggyJoy----- I’m not saying it’s all fine and good all I’m saying is it is just kids being stupid!! The big deal is it was put on FB and now everyone is in an uproar about a stupid fight video that happened in Wall Walla!! It’s just that a STUPID little fight!!! As far as being a parent, we can only try our best, the kids will still do stupid things that’s the learning process of kids they do stupid things. All you can do is hope they listen to you and not their peers pushing them in the wrong direction. Look on YouTube of all the filmed fist fights, what do you think a kid with computer access is thinking? Oh ya this is going on YouTube!! So what do you do? Tell the school you child is grounded from computers? Good luck with that. Again it all boils down to giving the best advice and guidance you can and hope they make the best of it. Have you never watched a fight? PLEASE!!

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BluMtMom says...

These 'children' & those encouraging them to fight have not been taught respect - for themselves or for others. This is a two-fold problem, in my opinion, First, parents have stopped being parents for the most part. It is no longer acceptable to discipline your kids because you might hurt their little psyches. Second, if the law and the "professionals" who know so much aren't going to allow parents to BE parents and raise kids with proper values and discipline you can't expect to have anything but this kind of behavior from these BRATS (soon to be jailbirds). If the police do NOT step in and do something about this they are as much to blame if not more so than these kids parents. Schools need to become less liberal cesspools and more learning academies once again. Computers and YouTube in school??? Try home schooling if the school can't or won't cooperate! Bet your kid at least will learn how to spell & balance a check book by graduation.

Posted 22 March 2013, 6:59 p.m. Suggest removal

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