It’s sad many missed Grandmothers forum


On March 4 the Grandmothers Roundtable forum was held at Walla Walla Community College. The title for the forum was: Are We Preparing Our Children for Our Changing World?

What resources are available in our community to help our families and children?

The panel members were Meagan Anderson-Pira, director of the Children’s Home Society; Connie Taylor-Randall, Walla Walla Public Schools; Brooke Bouchey, intervention specialist, Lincoln High School; Mike Bates, director of the Juvenile Justice Center; Donna Coffeen, lead teacher, Juvenile Justice Center school; and Justine Jernee, a community member.

Their presentations were 10 minutes each, but within their time limit they provided a wealth of important information to the audience. Their dedication to the task was admirable and the value of their time was immeasurable.

This forum was informative and the content was relevant to the topic. There should have been many parents, teachers, grandparents and students in the audience but, alas, attendance was meager in spite of the fact the forum was widely publicized

The Grandmothers had carefully selected the topic and the presenters and my time spent there was invaluable. I congratulate the Grandmothers Roundtable for its huge effort to present an outstanding and informative program of much-needed information. It is my hope the group will continue to seek out other topics of importance to the public.

The March 4 forum was an outstanding presentation and I am sorry most of the public missed it.

Margaret Joseph

Walla Walla


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