Horsey’s anti-gun column sparks riddles


As I read the Perspective-page column in Sunday’s paper by David Horsey of the Los Angeles Times, I thought of a few riddles of my own.

If gun ownership is down nationwide, as the survey by the ultra-liberal, anti-gun University of Chicago indicates, why is registered gun ownership up and closing in on the 90 million mark?

Why have concealed weapons permits increased substantially in the past few years, most significantly by women?

Are we to assume all these people paid money to have a background investigations for a permit to carry a weapon they do not own?

Why does Mr. Horsey go to such extremes to show his bigoted and misinformed attitude in his writings — that the only people buying guns are dumb, paranoid, white, Republican men?

I wonder if anyone was offended by this column and the accompanying cartoon Mr. Horsey drew showing a dumb, paranoid, white, Republican man loaded down with several guns, which I assume, by the tone of the column, were legally purchased?

I wonder how many people would be offended if this cartoon showed a minority gang member doing a drive-by with illegal guns in a gun-free zone or a minority gang member breaking into a home occupied by an unarmed mother and her children?

I wonder if anyone will answer these riddles?

Robert Day

Walla Walla



Iopine says...

A very good letter and not reading Mr. Horsey's columns make more sense than reading them.

Posted 22 March 2013, 6:13 a.m. Suggest removal

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