Obama and his political friends put on a poor puppet show


Too much government regulation, in my opinion, keeps competition low and prices high and can deny a person the right to make a living.

The Obama administration gives away billions of taxpayers dollars to countries that would like to see the U.S. down to its knee. These countries do not like the U.S., but sure like the handouts they receive.

The Obama administration would just as soon give freebies to illegal immigrants than help people born and raised in the U.S. who have worked hard and paid taxes for years.

Want to start making cuts in government spending? Then start with the freeloaders who have been on welfare for years and tell them they have to work for welfare and stand back and listen to these people whine and cry because the are being asked to do their fare share by not being lazy and be more responsible for themselves.

Another thing came to mind and that is a letter to the editor in a recent Sunday paper. The statement drew attention quickly and I have an idea as to why the federal government is so interested in drones and buying military war-type equipment.

A military person can read between the lines and come up with the conclusion that it is a move for takeover of the U.S. by our enemies and those that want to impose their laws on the entire world.

The Obama administration and its back pocket politicians remind me of a very poor puppet show.

This is my opinion.

Irvin L. Powell



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