Reach out to school employees who make a difference


Each year in March, the Washington State School Retirees Association urges people to remember to show appreciation to those school employees who made a difference in their lives. We have nearly 600 retirees in Walla Walla and Columbia counties who are members of this group.

Whether it was a bus driver who made the ride to school less scary or a custodian who let you help out around the building, giving you a sense of purpose, send a note to acknowledge them.

It could be a school secretary who often called your parents to bring you a forgotten lunch or PE clothes, always with a smile, or a librarian who could find that special book for you.

Most of us have a favorite teacher who created an environment where we could be a successful learner. Whether the person who comes to mind is an instructional assistant, cook, principal or superintendent, take a minute to write a note or give a quick calls. They still remember you.

Nancy Withycombe

president, Walla Walla/Columbia

State School Retirees Association


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