Ten-year-old wants octopus back


I’m very upset that the city of Walla Walla took down the purple octopus painted on the Inland Octopus toy store!

I’m 10 years old and only come to Walla Walla once a year, but I always look forward to getting to see that big, purple octopus.

The painting may not seem very important to the city, but it is very important to me, my family, my close friends and a lot of other kids!

The painting is a beautiful mural not an oversized sign. Did the city get permission of the owner of the building to paint over the mural?

I am very upset the city took the octopus down and it is not just me who feels this way, but also 53 other people. There may be more.

I’m not just upset that the city took down the painting of the octopus, I’m also very sad. I’m also very sorry the city couldn’t appreciate the true art and beauty of the painted octopus like I can.

The octopus may never be back on the Inland Octopus store, but I can promise the city one thing — by the time people finish writing to the editor the octopus will be remembered.

Ariana Kapocias




wallanative1966 says...

Very well put! Kudos to you for speaking your mind! :)

Posted 29 March 2013, 4:11 p.m. Suggest removal

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