Police arrest man in Taser, knife assault


WALLA WALLA – Police arrested a 20-year-old man suspected of using a Taser and pocket knife to assault a 51-year-old man during an altercation Tuesday night in Walla Walla.

Troy A. Katsel was arrested on investigation of second-degree assault and third-degree malicious mischief. He allegedly Tasered and stabbed Richardo Perez and damaged his bicycle, according to documents presented in court this morning.

Police said Katsel and two other men confronted Perez in the area of North Wilbur Avenue and Tacoma Street. The motive for the attack was unclear, though alcohol may have been involved.

Court documents stated an unidentified witness reported hearing one of the men say, “Back up, home-boy, or I’m going to Tase you.”

Witnesses then reported seeing one of the men use a Taser on Perez, who later told police the Taser hadn’t affected him. The knife wound was a 1-inch cut on the back of his left arm.

After the altercation, Katsel and the two other men left and were located by police at Shell Food Mart, 2112 Isaacs Ave.

Police found a pocket knife in Katsel’s possession. During booking at the Walla Walla County Jail, authorities also found a Taser that Katsel had stuffed down his pants.

Katsel was lodged at the county jail and bail was set this morning at $20,000 this morning.

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