Mac-Hi boys, girls down Riverside


MILTON-FREEWATER — McLoughlin High School’s boys swept visiting Riverside, and the girls took a 6-3 victory, in tennis play here Thursday.

“It was a beautiful 73 degree day for tennis, and for once in a very long time we didn’t even have wind!” Pioneers coach Michelle Snyder said. “This is our last home match of the season. Saturday we have the Helix Tournament and then districts on Friday (May 10).”

The Mac-Hi girls won all four singles matches and two of five doubles tilts, while the boys won the two singles and one doubles match.

Mac-Hi girls 6, Riverside 3

SINGLES — Estefani Lamas, Mac-Hi, def Bianca Burajas, River, 8-1; Tasha Marshall, Mac-Hi, def Stephanie Madrigal, River, 8-5; Elise Griffith, Mac-Hi, def Brigette Schmidt, River, 8-0; Elise Griffith, Mac-Hi, def Bethany Aldrich, River, 8-2.

DOUBLES — Kaylee Davis/Kassidy Harris, Mac-Hi, def Paige Bither/Laura Ponce, River, 8-4; Lety Alvarez/Prow Jong, River, def Giselle Flores/Maria Castillo, Mac-Hi, 8-2; Natalie Melendez/Shellie Nunez, River, def Erika Landa/Vanessa Gomez, Mac-Hi, 8-5; Shailie Allan/Selena Duran, Mac-Hi, def Paige Bither/Laura Ponce, River, 8-4; Natalie Melendez/Shellie Nunez, River, def Ana Rodriguez/Maria Mayo, Mac-Hi, 8-3.

Mac-Hi boys 3, Riverside 0

SINGLES — Ulises Zaragoza, Mac-Hi, def Josue Garcia, River, 8-2; Ariel Martinez, Mac-Hi, def Daniel Hood, River, 8-4.

DOUBLES — Rafael Villagomez/Mauricio Gomez, Mac-Hi, def Josue Garcia/Daniel Hood, River, 8-5.


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