Highland Road is a real problem


I am new to Walla Walla and have been reading with interest the articles and letters on the Rose Street project. While I understand many of the issues surrounding this project, I have my own issues at another location in this town.

I am referring to Plaza Way at Highland Road. This is a very dangerous corner. From Highland Road you have to almost pull all the way into Plaza Way in order to see if there is any oncoming traffic. This is caused by some type of ground cover that is allowed to grow unchecked on the northwest corner.

I have suffered some very close calls at this intersection and would like to see something done to correct this very dangerous hazard. Also, if the city wants to spend money on road paving and such, Highland Road can sure use it.

I have driven log roads that are smoother ride than this street. It plays havoc on my vehicle’s suspension and alignment. Let’s use the scarce assets we have in Walla Walla and fix the real problems.

James L. Brown

Walla Walla


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