‘Special session’ is no longer accurate term


Here we go again. Even with 105 days to reach a budget deal state legislators managed to spend enough time on a variety of other bills on a myriad of topics so a “special session” must be called to work on a compromise budget.

According to Sen. Mike Hewitt’s latest Eastsider’s Report, “ ... There have been two special sessions in each of the last three years. These sessions are expensive — up to $18,000 per day — and they shouldn’t be allowed to become commonplace.” Unfortunately, they appear to becoming just that.

According to the article “State budget negotiations will continue with or without rank-and-file members” by Brad Shannon of The Olympian (April 28), “ ... (Gov. Jay) Inslee also has been trying to keep alive a handful of bills that keep repeat drunkdrivers from getting behind the wheel of a car, keep guns out of the hands of those who are unstable, ensure that abortion is a choice women have in insurance plans, and let undocumented students brought here by their parents at a young age qualify for college financial aid.”

At up to $18,000 per day, perhaps the governor’s special interest legislation could wait until next year’s regular legislative session so legislators can concentrate on the budget during the upcoming “unspecial session.”

Jim Davison



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