What issue will draw passion of octopus flap?


What a surprise it was when I unrolled the paper and saw a happy headline for once! “City cuts octopus fines to 10K.”

Good news for a change. A reasonable resolution to the knotty problem that seemed to entice everyone into that state of involvement that we hesitate to occupy as often as we should.

Doesn’t our form of government require enlightened citizens who will take responsibility?

Anyway, we sure wrote a bunch of letters to the editor, didn’t we? This dilemma surely seemed to tickle our fancy. It wasn’t too complicated, not too personal or political and someone else would have to decide so we could be blameless.

So, it couldn’t hurt to speak out, and it wouldn’t cost us anything. (Not out of our pockets anyway. Don’t count the city and the store owner.)

Could you ask for a more local issue? Up front and personal, Main Street and Second Avenue, tough to ignore. Maybe, just maybe, it was more than any and all of the above — just maybe it was symbolic.

The city, symbol of authority, dukin’ it out with the toy store, symbol of childhood. Take us back to the good old days when we could be children again, testing the rules and regulations stacked up since Main Street was either dust or mud. When things were lots simpler.

So what will the next headlines reveal about us here in Walla Walla? Since the Grandmothers’ Roundtable is always on the lookout for forum material, Linda Moats brought the March 4 issue of Time to one of our weekly meetings.

Most of that issue is devoted to an article by Steven Brill titled, “Why medical bills are killing us.” It’s a “read ‘em and weep” experience. Until I read his research, I hadn’t ever considered how much health insurance costs my own married grandchildren.

Medicare has certainly lulled me into complacency! Please read it and see how you feel.

Let’s not just read about and talk about this national calamity called health care. Let’s do something about it — before I get too old to march!

Pat Yenney

Walla Walla


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