Support M-F schools for community, families


Citizens of Milton-Freewater have an opportunity.

Voters in Milton-Freewater have received or will soon receive ballots. Included is an opportunity to consider a five year local option levy that supports our community schools.

The levy will finance maintenance projects, security and safety improvements, bus replacement and curriculum (instructional) materials. The additional money will allow the school board to address critical district needs without further compromising the top priority of OUR schools: providing an academic program for our children.

Even though Ed and I generally support local tax increases that will benefit the community, we also always ask “what is it going to cost us?” This levy would cost a maximum of $1 per $1,000 assessed property value.

So if a house was assessed at $150,000, this levy would cost no more than $150 a year or less than $13 a month!

If that wasn’t enough to convince us this is a good return for our investment, matching funds — actually more than matching — go hand in hand with a citizen-supported levy.

If we as a community support a $300,000 levy, our community becomes eligible to receive an additional $350,000 each year for five years. So $13 a month supports approximately $650,000 coming into our school district each year for five years. Wow! That sounds like an awesome investment to us!

We freely admit we have personal motives in supporting this levy. Our kids, along with many of their friends, have returned to their hometown to raise their family.

We want them to feel they have returned to a community that takes the responsibility to improve our little town very seriously.

We have the opportunity to take a positive step for all of our youngest citizens.

We encourage you to consider the needs of our schools, our community and our young families when you vote.

Judy Chesnut



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