Blue Mountain Sports Awards release nominees


WALLA WALLA — The 37th annual Blue Mountain Sports Awards will be handed out on May 29 during the Blue Mountain Youth Recognition Evening at Baker Boyer Bank’s main branch in downtown Walla Walla.

The event is slated for 7 p.m. and is free to the public.

The sports awards recognize the top male and female athletes from around the Walla Walla Valley, as well as best teams, coaches and scholar-athletes.

Athletes, coaches and teams are considered for their achievements during spring sports of the 2011-12 school year, and fall and winter sports of the 2012-13 year. Nominees in Male, Female, Team and Coach of the Year are compiled by Union-Bulletin staff, with each school nominating Scholar-Athlete candidates.

A panel including area school athletic directors, U-B sports staff and other community representatives pares each category to a list of finalists, and then selects winners in each.

Here’s the list of this year’s nominees:

Blue Mountain Sports Awards

Male Athlete of the Year Nominees

Dean Atkinson, Wa-Hi football, golf; Jon Atchley, Pomeroy track; Nick Atwood, Wa-Hi golf; Dakota Baker, Waitsburg-Prescott golf; Zach Bartlow, Waitsburg-Prescott baseball; Ryan Baumgart, DeSales football, golf; Colton Bickelhaupt, Dayton baseball; Beau Birdwell, Mac-Hi football; Kentaro Bodzewski, WWCC soccer; Riley Bott, Pomeroy basketball; Corey Braxton, Waitsburg-Prescott cross country; Tim Caudill, DeSales football; Drew Christina, WWCC baseball.

Spencer Cordeiro, DeSales baseball; Jeremiah Cox, DeSales football; Tanner Cranor, Wa-Hi basketball; Seth Deal, Waitsburg-Prescott track, cross country; Jacob Dingfield, Waitsburg-Prescott cross country; Shane Dixon, WWCC baseball; Nathan Dombrosky, Mac-Hi track; Joe Duehn, DeSales baseball; Roy Ebong, Waitsburg-Prescott football; Ben Eisenhardt, Whitman College basketball; Josh Eggers, Wa-Hi baseball; Dalton Estes, Waitsburg-Prescott football; Eshom Estes, Waitsburg-Prescott track.

Luke Fazzari, DeSales football; Tanner Feider, Pomeroy basketball; Wyatt Frame, Dayton football; Clayton Gaines, Weston-McEwen track; Blake Gerling, Wa-Hi track; Patrick Giedeman, Wa-Hi swimming; Trent Hafen, Waitsburg-Prescott cross country; Moe Handcox, Wa-Hi baseball; David Herzog, Waitsburg-Prescott baseball; Eric Hines, Touchet baseball; Travis Hodgen, Mac-Hi wrestling; Jonah Hoe, Wa-Hi football, track; Logan Hoeft, DeSales baseball.

Wyatt Jenkins, Pomeroy wrestling; Jeff Jones, Mac-Hi football; Jared Jordan, WWCC baseball; Kevin Kamel, Waitsburg-Prescott track; Tory Knebel, Pomeroy track; Jesse Koller, Pomeroy track; Jerod Konen, DeSales golf; Josh Kuznetsov, Wa-Hi tennis; Connor Lawhead, WWCC baseball; Chance Leroue, Waitsburg-Prescott football; Elias Martinez, Touchet baseball; Twedros McDowell, Waitsburg-Prescott cross country; Marcos Medina, Wa-Hi soccer.

Jhony Mendoza, WWCC soccer; Karl Mering, Whitman College swimming; E.J. Meserve, Waitsburg-Prescott cross country; Ash Miles, WWCC golf; Brayden Moller, Mac-Hi wrestling; Jacob Moore, Pomeroy track; Alex Naylor, Dayton football; Sean Newcomb, Wa-Hi cross country; Cori Ochoa, Touchet football; Nate Ortiz, Touchet baseball; Kyler Pommerening, DeSales football; Ocatvio Preciado, Touchet football; Case Rada, WWCC basketball; Dylan Radliff, WWCC basketball.

Logan Reardon, Wa-Hi wrestling; Austin Reisdorph, Pomeroy wrestling, track; Cameron Richman, DeSales baseball; Derek Richewine, Mac-Hi football; Daniel Romero, WWCC soccer; Blake Rowley, Wa-Hi tennis; Pancho Saldana, Mac-Hi track; Bryce Scott, DeSales golf; Ben Shafer, Waitsburg-Prescott football; Cole Skramstad, Mac-Hi wrestling; Ryan Smith-Slaymaker, Pomeroy wrestling; Lowden Smith, Dayton baseball; Ryan Smith, Pomeroy baseball; Galen Sollom-Brotherton, Whitman College swimming.

Daryl Spivey, WWCC golf; Drew Swenson, Wa-Hi tennis; Nick Tewalt, Pomeroy baseball; James Thompkins, Waitsburg-Prescott track; James Tupper-Bridges, Wa-Hi tennis; Jared Turner, WWCC baseball; Jarrod Turner, WWCC baseball; Nick Wales, DeSales track; Dalton Wesner, Mac-Hi football; Ben Wolpert, Wa-Hi cross country; Mike Wymore, Touchet football; Eddie Zaragoza, Mac-Hi football.

Female Athlete of the Year Nominations

Alyson Ambler, Wa-Hi softball; Sarah Anderegg, Whitman College basketball; Tash Anderson, WWCC soccer; Amy Arnzen, Walla Walla Valley Academy volleyball; Dionna Baker, Waitsburg-Prescott softball; Emily Baumgart, DeSales golf; McKayla Bickelhaupt, Dayton volleyball; Kindsey Bott, Pomeroy track; Helena Brown, Walla Walla Valley Academy volleyball; Nicole Brown, Touchet softball; McKayla Carlin, Weston-McEwen track; Kariss Carrillo, Mac-Hi softball.

Kristi Childers, Mac-Hi track; McKayla Christopher, Weston-McEwen track; Claire Collins, Whitman College swimming; Karli Cortez, Mac-Hi softball; Courtney Cosdon, WWCC volleyball; Courtney Cox, Wa-Hi cross country; Brianna Crewse, Mac-Hi softball; Abby Crowley, Wa-Hi swimming; Jillian Davis, Whitman College volleyball; Kaitlyn Druffel, Touchet softball; Kaitlin Erm, Mac-Hi softball; Hailey Felgenhauer, WWCC basketball; Mikayla Ferenz, Wa-Hi basketball.

Emilie Gilbert, Whitman College cross country; Kaitlyn Gilmore, Weston-McEwen track; Hailey Goenen, Waitsburg-Prescott softball; Megan Gregg, Walla Walla Valley Academy volleyball; Krystal Harris, Waitsburg-Prescott volleyball; Sam Harting, Dayton softball; Taylor Head, Whitman College golf; Jordan Heiser, Wa-Hi softball; Elizabeth Herbes, Weston-McEwen cross country; Ronnie Hulce, Waitsburg-Prescott track; Jessica Huntsman, Wa-Hi golf.

Libbie Jimenez, Wa-Hi softball; Kahiesha Johnson, WWCC soccer; Cheyenne Kessler, Mac-Hi softball; Brandy Knowles, WWCC softball; Claire Konen, DeSales tennis; Dara Kosanke, WWCC softball; Courtney Lawless, Whitman College tennis; Molli Lesko, DeSales softball; Josie Lonai, Mac-Hi track, cross country; Allesyn Lyons, DeSales softball; Ashlyn Lyons, DeSales softball; Kelsey Locke, WWCC softball; Katie Martell, WWCC softball; Kylie Mascol, WWCC soccer; Jill McDaniels, WWCC softball.

Cierra Jo McKeown, Touchet basketball; Mackenzie Monahan, Pomeroy volleyball; Ashton Montgomery, DeSales volleyball; Peyton Moon, WWCC soccer; Jennifer Nichols, Waitsburg-Prescott softball; Desiree Nielson, WWCC volleyball; Kalyn Odman, Mac-Hi softball; Sarah Phillips, Dayton softball; Kriston Potter, Waitsburg-Prescott track; Taylor Prince, Pomeroy track; Alyssa Roberg, Whitman College tennis; Colette Robert, Mac-Hi softball; Suzie Romero-diaz, Mac-Hi cross country.

Megan Reed, Mac-Hi softball; Alex Sasser, Touchet softball; Michelle Seitz, WWCC basketball; Sam Smith, Pomeroy softball; Shelby Smith, Dayton softball; Paige Sorensen, WWCC soccer; Meghan Sorensen, WWCC soccer; Jordie Storm, Wa-Hi softball; Jessica Tate, Dayton volleyball; Emma Timm-Ballard, Wa-Hi swimming; Katarina Tonhdavong, Wa-Hi track; Molly von Borstel, Weston-McEwen volleyball; Kristen Warner, Touchet softball; Allison Wujek, DeSales track; Jaymie Zimmerman, Weston-McEwen track.

Scholar-Athlete of the Year Nominations

Andrew Christina, WWCC; Ashley Cornia, Wa-Hi; Dominique Cox, Wa-Hi; Seth Deal, Waitsburg; Caitlin Duncan, WWCC; Kevin Dyer, Whitman College; Lucas Fazzari, DeSales; Travis Hodgen, Mac-Hi; Kyle Jameson, Wa-Hi; Cheyenne Kessler, Mac-Hi; Mackenize Monahan, Pomeroy; Nate Ortiz, Touchet.

Nicholas Pease, Weston-McEwen; Megan Reed, Mac-Hi; Austin Reisdorph, Pomeroy; Derek Richwine, Mac-Hi; Alyssa Roberg, Whitman College; Dylan Shuler, Mac-Hi; Daniel Stansell, Prescott; Molly von Borstel, Weston-McEwen; Kristen Warner, Touchet; Emily Wilson, Prescott; Ali Zander, DeSales.

Team of the Year Nominations

Dayton Baseball; Dayton girls basketball; Dayton softball; DeSales baseball; DeSales boys basketball; DeSales boys golf; DeSales football; DeSales girls basketball; DeSales girls golf; DeSales softball; DeSales volleyball; Mac-Hi boys soccer; Mac-Hi girls soccer; Mac-Hi softball.

Pomeroy boys basketball; Pomeroy volleyball; Pomeroy wrestling; Touchet baseball; Touchet boys basketball; Touchet football; Touchet girls basketball; Touchet softball; Touchet volleyball; Waitsburg-Prescott baseball; Waitsburg-Prescott boys cross country; Waitsburg-Prescott boys soccer.

Waitsburg-Prescott football; Waitsburg-Prescott girls basketball; Waitsburg-Prescott softball; Wa-Hi baseball; Wa-Hi baseball; Wa-Hi boys basketball; Wa-Hi boys track; Wa-Hi girls basketball; Wa-Hi girls swimming; Wa-Hi softball; Wa-Hi volleyball; Walla Walla Bruins American Legion baseball.

Walla Walla Community College baseball; Walla Walla Community College men’s basketball; Walla Walla Community College men’s golf; Walla Walla Community College men’s soccer; Walla Walla Community College rodeo; Walla Walla Community College softball; Walla Walla Community College volleyball; Walla Walla Community College women’s basketball.

Walla Walla Community College women’s soccer; Walla Walla Valley Academy boys basketball; Weston-McEwen baseball; Weston-McEwen boys basketball; Weston-McEwen girls basketball; Weston-McEwen softball; Weston-McEwen volleyball; Whitman College men’s basketball; Whitman College men’s tennis; Whitman College women’s basketball; Whitman College women’s golf; Whitman College women’s tennis.

Coach of the Year Nominations

Jerry Baker, Waitsburg-Prescott girls basketball; Jeff Bartlow, Waitsburg-Prescott football, track; Buster Barton, WWCC men’s and women’s rodeo; Sal Benavides, Dayton baseball; Chad Bodnar, WWCC men’s and women’s soccer; Eric Bridgeland, Whitman College men’s basketball; Beau Chester, Mac-Hi wrestling; Nicole Christian, Mac-Hi softball; Hailee Cole, DeSales volleyball; Kim Cox, DeSales baseball.

Bruce Crossfield, Pomeroy volleyball; Ted Cummings, Wa-Hi girls tennis; Katharine Curles, Wa-Hi boys and girls swimming; Tim Duncan, DeSales girls basketball; Wayne Dickey, Touchet baseball; Amber Doremus, Weston-McEwen girls basketball; Gary Dorman, Touchet football and softball; Michelle Ferenz, Whitman College women’s basketball; Jose Garcia, Mac-Hi boys soccer; John Golden, Wa-Hi boys basketball.

Keith Gradwohl, Wa-Hi baseball; Allyn Griffin, DeSales boys basketball; Jeff Griggs, Weston-McEwen softball; Mark Grimm, Waitsburg-Prescott soccer; TJ Haguewood, Weston-McEwen baseball; John Hein, Whitman College women’s tennis; Eric Hisaw, Wa-Hi boys and girls track; Don Hoepker, Wa-Hi volleyball; Mike Humphreys, Wa-Hi softball; Eric Jensen, Weston-McEwen cross country; Brian Koller, Pomeroy boys basketball.

Joanna Lanning, Waitsburg-Prescott boys and girls cross country; Mike Locati, Wa-Hi boys and girls cross country; Martin Martinez, Mac-Hi girls soccer; Missy McKeown, Touchet girls basketball; Jill Meliah, Wa-Hi girls basketball; Dave Meliah, WWCC baseball; Mike Michels, DeSales boys and girls track; April Miller, Touchet volleyball; John Milleson, Mac-Hi boys and girls cross country.

Skip Molitor, Whitman College women’s golf; Loren Monaco, Weston-McEwen boys and girls track; Jeff Northam, Whitman College women’s tennis; Lon Olson, DeSales boys and girls golf; Jason parsons, Walla Walla Bruins American Legion baseball; Mike Patterson, Wa-Hi girls golf; Keven Peck, Wa-Hi girls tennis; Brick Pickard, Weston-McEwen boys basketball; Stacie Picklar, Mac-Hi boys and girls track.

Angie Potts, Waitsburg-Prescott volleyball; Jeff Reinland, WWCC men’s basketball; Terry Robins, Dayton softball; Mike Rostollan, WWCC men’s and women’s golf; Scott Shields, Whitman College men’s and women’s cross country; Brian Slaybaugh, Pomeroy wrestling; Jim Smith, Wa-Hi boys golf; Dustin Snedigar, Waitsburg-Prescott baseball.

Mike Spiess, DeSales football; Clayton Strong, Dayton girls basketball; Mike Staudenmaier, WWCC softball; Tim Toon, WWCC volleyball; Russ Vera, DeSales softball; Scott Wagner, Walla Walla Valley Academy boys basketball; Sean White, Weston-McEwen volleyball.


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