Legislation allowing discrimination is wrong


I was saddened and embarrassed by the comment made by one of Sen. Mike Hewitt’s staffers in regard to gay members of the community “growing their own food” if a grocery store refused service.

Until this incident, I was not aware of Mr. Hewitt’s cosponsorship of Bill 5927, which would allow businesses to deny services to individuals based on religious or philosophical differences. I am writing to urge readers to join me in contacting Mr. Hewitt. He needs to know that our community is not in favor of a bill that promotes discrimination.

I am nearly 87 years old and could certainly be called old fashioned (as the senator from the 16th Legislative District described himself), but old fashioned should not be synonymous with homophobic and discriminatory. I believe everyone, regardless of race, gender, religious choice or sexual orientation deserves the same rights and privileges.

Eleanor Blumhagen

Walla Walla


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