Double visions for Mom's Day


WALLA WALLA — It’s quite the Mother’s Day for a number of local families — 11, at the least.

That’s how many mothers have delivered or are due to deliver twins in the practices of obstetricians at the Women’s Clinic of Walla Walla Clinic, said Amy Wills, office manager.

On Tuesday, several of the doubly-blessed gathered at the Willow Street facility for a group shot, a picturesque combination of tiny faces and distended bellies.

Last year, the clinic saw seven twin births, Wills noted. Only two of this year’s double batches of babies came about as a result of fertility treatments, she added.

For Heidi and Scott Narum, their new daughters are the result of a fishing trip to Canada and a canceled appointment. While Chloe and Zoe blinked in the bright spring sunshine, their parents rolled their eyes and grinned while telling the story.

With three sons — Nathan, 8, Cooper, 3, and 4-month-old Wyatt — already on board, Scott had scheduled a vasectomy in August, he said.

His father, Wayne Narum, had other plans.

“My dad called me up and had this fishing trip and convinced me to go,” recalled Scott, 33, rocking one of his daughters gently in his arm. “We all jumped in the truck and took off.”

The fishing, however, turned out to be a bust.

“It was not a fun fishing trip, and that’s why we were in a motel,” he said.

As is often the case, one action led to another. On the day Scott was due to end his ability to father children, Heidi, 33, became the bearer of twins, which equaled nearly 10 pounds of baby by delivery day of April 7, six weeks early.

“They’re not even supposed to be here yet,” she said.

The fertility issue is now closed, she added, shooting a bemused look at her husband. “I decided to take care of business because he was slacking on his end.”

Slacking is no longer optional for folks at this gathering. Along with the Narums, those already pulling double duty include Nicole Ridenour, who delivered Jordyn and Jasmine on Feb. 11. Together the girls weighed almost 12 pounds.

Nichole Cantu met son Jaxon and daughter Maci, weighing in at a combined total of just over 12 pounds, on Feb. 15.

Among those who still look like they are growing watermelons for the county fair are Amanda Hammond, scheduled to have her son and daughter on May 20.

Stacy Jacobs is expected to deliver two daughters on May 27 — her grandmother was a twin. “Thanks, Grandma,” Jacobs said.

Billie Jo Givens is due to deliver a boy and girl on July 26, and Angela Williams will follow her father’s genetic tradition in mid-September with a pair of sons.

Watching the new babies and their parents on this day is a view of what’s to come, Jacobs said. “We’re all looking at them saying, ‘Hmm, this is how it’s going to be.’”

In the United States, there were 132,562 twin births in 2010, according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The twin birth rate rose 76 percent from 1980 through 2009, from 18.9 to 33.3 per 1,000 births, the agency reported.

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