Church bulletin - 5/19/13


LDS church in Walla Walla gets new stake president

WALLA WALLA — John Rowley, bishop of the 2nd Ward of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Walla Walla, has been chosen to serve as president of the church’s Walla Walla Stake.

Rowley replaces former President Kelly Brown of Pendleton, who has been assigned as mission president of the Fort Collins Mission in Fort Collins, Colo.

Both the positions of bishop and stake president are volunteer positions.

As bishop, Rowley coordinated the efforts of one group or ward of more than 500 church members.

As stake president, Rowley now advises and coordinates 10 groups of Latter-Day Saints who meet in Walla Walla, Pendleton, Dayton, Pilot Rock and Milton-Freewater.

“It is a privilege to serve in the church no matter where you’re at. We all do our little piece,” Rowley was quoted as having said in a news release.

Rowley will be helped by a group of high counselors, who visit each of the 10 groups, providing spiritual guidance and service leadership. In addition, Rowley’s volunteer staff includes First Counselor Dan Leonard, 2nd Counselor Todd Anderson, Executive Secretary Mark Christensen, Clerk Gary Kaneen, Asst. Clerk Al Cummins, Assistant Finance Clerk Russ Cole and Technology Specialist Sheldon Wendler.

Rowley has a bachelor of science degree in horticulture and a master’s degree in business administration, both from Brigham Young University.

He is product marketing manager at Nelson Irrigation Corp. and owns a small farm where he specializes in tart cherries and ornamental plants. He employs four people.

Rowley and his wife, Lynette, have nine children and three grandchildren.

First Presbyterian Church to present Bridgetown concert

WALLA WALLA — First Presbyterian Church of Walla Walla, 325 S. First Ave., will present Bridgetown in concert a6 6:45 p.m. Wednesday.

Bridgetown features six young vocalists from Warner Pacific College.

The singing group’s a cappella presentation is a mix of contemporary ballads and artfully arranged timeless classics.

The concert is free. For more information, call 509-525-1093.

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