Hot Poop carries on amid changing times


The beat goes on at Walla Walla’s venerable music store Hot Poop.

Despite a spate of social media posts about trouble at the Main Street music and entertainment business, owner Jim McGuinn said Thursday the operation is staying afloat.

A number of people and page administrators have posted in the last couple of days about hard times at the business, and encouraged local residents to patronize the shop. The advocacy both surprised and flattered McGuinn, who had no idea there was any kind of movement to drum up support.

“Maybe I’m just too honest,” he quipped. When customers ask how he’s doing, he said he has tendency to tell it like it is.

The scoop on the Poop: The store has certainly seen more prosperous days, but if McGuinn has no plans to board the doors.

“We’re not going under,” he said. “But everything we do costs us more and we’re bringing in less money.”

Hence, he wouldn’t turn away any of those who heed the Facebook calling to drop some dough at the shop.

McGuinn attributes the slowdown to changing times — in both the music industry and in consumer habits. He pointed to the recent sale of CD Exchange by longtime owner Jim Yeager as an example. In the digital age, fewer may be looking for CDs or even vinyl, though record sales account for a huge portion of the business’s online sales. But the oft-used “retro” description of the store and its records belies the state-of-the-art technology being sold in the form of television and stereo equipment.

This weekend, the store is coming out with a Sony 4K ultra high definition television. McGuinn acknowledges this may not be a popular time for a television purchase, but for die-hards it may be the next big thing. “It’s more money and it’s not Christmas,” he said. “But how many people stand in line for the latest iPad?”

Hot Poop is located at 210 E. Main St. McGuinn has no intention of leaving. “I enjoy doing this,” he said. “I would just like to make a profit.”


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