Second Amendment essential for freedom


Many years ago I recall a Pomeroy Alumni banquet speaker from Sweden saying, “The United States will never be defeated because every guy who is a guy has a gun.”

And what does the highest power say? Matthew 12:29: “or else how can one enter a strong man’s house and spoil his goods, except he first bind the strong man? And then he will spoil his house.”

The Second Amendment is essential for a free people.

The United Nations held a summit meeting on worldwide gun control.

Fight for your rights while you still can.

Nellie O’Connor

Walla Walla



Iopine says...

Excellent thought and also the fight against tyranny which seems to be enveloping the country quickly.

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chicoli says...

The USA will never be defeated because the USA Government has the mighties military force in the history of world. Yes, It's actually paid for by the People's tax money. It is so mighty that even when all the aggrieved, armed extremist, second ammendment lovers in the country declare "tyrany", they would not have a chance agains the US Marines, Army, Navy and Air Force. Who will be the one declaring tyrany? The NRA president or the GOP president? Maybe Rush or Glenn, or maybe Ted Nugent? Do they have a plan or a strategy to fight the "tyranic" US Goverment? Well, I do believe that the FBI has indeed a plan to crush such a movement way before the military takes over. Not too long ago Mr. Nugent, a second ammendment against tyrany theorist, had to spend quite a few thousand dollars in legal fees after the FBI was all over him for making violent threats agains US government officials. He is lucky he is not in Federal prison! He is still under survailance, though.

A more civil alternative to prevent tyrany is what Democracy offers to all Americans, which is the voting process. Stay civil, my friend... and avoid trouble!

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carcrazy says...

paco, it sounds as if you are assuming that our military will be loyal to Washington D.C. no matter what. You need to realize paco, most of "our" military are strong 2nd amendment supporters, and will support and defend the Constitution against "ALL" enemies, foreign or domestic. Please remember that fact when you travel to VA medical centers in San Juan, New York, and Arkansas. The veterans who seek services at those very medical centers will be among the first to stand up to defend this country against tyranny, right alongside their brethren in the mightiest military in the world. I would hope that you stop and think about this concept for a while, maybe you will begin to see the light and realize that the world is not as you thought it was.

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chicoli says...

The second ammendment is the law of the land. Many liberals and conservative alike support it as decided in Heller. Justice Scalia, hardly a liberal, spelled out in no uncertain terms, the limitations of the second ammendment. He was very clear that the "tyranny" theory has no legal basis, on the contrary, to try to overturn an elected government under the presumption of tyranny ( without voting) could very fast escalate to treason. To my knowledge there is no conservative movement organizing a logistic to prepare its citizens to fight tyranny by violent means. Wait, I believe there was a group of nuts in northern, sorry, there are hundreds of organizations all over the country with such radical ideas. I don't believe for a minute that serious conservatives support these groups.

As a Physician concerned about the health of my veterans, political believes has never been an issue. My support to all of them is 100%, regardless! Based on political persuations it is safe to assume that half of the active military and veterans are liberals. They believe that, although still supporting the second ammendment, the tyranny theory which suposedly gives them the right to start shooting tyrannic government officials is naive at best. Don't shoot, vote!

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Iopine says...

In your rambling you state that there are only radical conservative groups in the US of A. You fail to mention the radical progressive liberal groups that are fast becoming the norm. Right at this point and time your radical progressive liberal (could be considered Socialist) Administration that is occupying the White House is very much showing its true colors. Also to think that half of the military are liberals you are only kidding yourself. Liberals don't like the military or are afraid to fight for there country so they run off to Canada or just don't join. One of these days you should break out of your brittle opaque shell and get into reality.

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chicoli says...

Some people cannot escape from their stereotypical snarkiness and bullying mentality. Thank God they are circumcribed to a few of them, but are still pesteringly coming across as if they are the representatives of the majority of levelheaded conservatives, which they are not. They have the tendency to highjack patriotism, freedom, morality, the second ammendment, the Bible and even God... and then jump on their high horses to proclaim a crusade for rightgeousness: "The G D tyrannical liberals are coming..."

They revere evangelical figures who had traditionaly organized vigils of prayers all across America asking God for Obama to be defeated. God, in his infinite wisdom, and with the helped of the majority of American voters gave that sweet VICTORY to Obama, not only once but twice: " THE LIBERALS HAVE IT".

As the conservative party is a shrinking party, and the liberals are "returning from Canada", we liberas will have another sweet victory with "that socialist" Hillary!

The good republican party of the old days has been destroyed by a minority of rabid, full of hatred members. The only thing they can do to save themselves is to apply "miracle grow"... I guess this is something they can pray for, cling to it and hope for the best! Remember, horse manure will not do it!

OK, Im just trying to tease some bullies who, because of their hatred for decent liberal Americans can not stand the reality of current and irreversible American sociocultural, historical changing events. They just cannot stand the truth! The so call "tyrannical G D liberals" are not jus coming. They are here to stay... to grow, to win! Now that's a real miracle happening, right in front of your incredulous eyes. Keep praying my friends...and God speed!

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PearlY says...

Between 1) the people who have figured out they can vote themselves other people's money, 2) the people who like to feel "compassionate" on someone else's dime, and 3) the people who have fallen into the tribalist trap of modern liberalism where everyone's a hyphenated-American being oppressed by white straight men, I'm about 65% convinced you're right - they ARE here to stay and grow.

Investing my money on that premise has proven to be very successful, but I'd much rather be poor and wrong on this, so I'll keep voting, arguing, volunteering, donating on the chance that I'm wrong. It really would be too bad for the lessons of the Enlightenment to be swallowed up in the pedagogy of Zimbabwe or the Gender Studies department of the typical American university.

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chicoli says...

Let's see, the native- Americans were the real Americans, hyphenated or not. In chronological order and in sequitur comes Spanish- Americans ( the firs white- Americans, Spain extended his empire to Florida, California, Arizona...), British-Americans, French- Americans, Dutch -Americans, African- Americans ( the first opressed "negroes" by "white straight men") just to mentioned a few. Before I knew the meaning of " hyphenated" as a child growing up in Puerto Rico I could have swaer to God that blacks, American-indians and other minorities were being "hyphenated" by white straight men in white hoods. Sorry, American-history is what it is, hyphenated or not. Poeple came here from all over the world, including your ancestors...and they came here to stay and to make history, American history!

As Americans, our mission is to vote, to argue, to volunteer and to donate to good causes, and in our typical generosity to teach new Americans that this is the real American Way...and to rejoice when they learn about Freedom and Democracy and Liberty. But these feelings need to come spontaneously from the compassion of the heart and not from the mighty "ten dimes". The pedagogy of Zimbabwe, gender studies and others that you might dismiss as spurious is nothing less than lessons about our own Humanity wich is entwined with the rest of the Humanity of the world. It is your choice to learn about it, or get stuck in the Enlightenment, as essential as the Enlighttenment is for the sake of overall culture. After all, these lessons are not incompatible with each other but complementary.

Your dime is no better than my liberal ten cents. My ten cents contributes to the same schools, law enforcement, public hospitals, transportation, post office, roads and highways, firefighters, military, and other social services, as your dime does. But if your recentment is that your dime should not march in the direction of minorities in temporary need, that is a different story.

As for your 65% conviction statement, I have to understand that you believe, with a strengh of 65%, that "these poeple" ( Romneys 47% maybe?) are here to stay. Well, thanks but no thanks! We don't need your 65%. You can keep your dime too.

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Iopine says...

Paco - how about taking your liberal stance and go to the UK and tell them about confiscation of guns and gun control! You have liberals running around with a meat cleaver and machete in bloody hands and decapitating any person dressed in the wrong clothing. That I would hope will never happen in the Great US of A no matter how hard you liberals try to change it.

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PearlY says...

I read your letter three times trying to figure out how it related to what I said. No can do. But thanks for the dime, I guess.

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carcrazy says...

paco quote: "Some people cannot escape from their stereotypical snarkiness and bullying mentality."
If the shoe fits paco.

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chicoli says...

I guess that what namvet is saying is that the liberals in England are running around with machetes decapitating people to confiscate their guns. I refuse to believe that he is serious about this statement, but certainly accept his hyperbole as a figurative expression of his pasionate anger about the issue of gun control in this country. This is nevertheless acceptable if it just stops there without further insinuations of gory violence wich will never have a place in a democratic society like ours. Furthermore the overwhelming majority of liberals in this Country accept the Supreme Court ruling that the second amendment is the law of the land giving all Americans the right to bear arms no matter which clothing they are wearing. The right to bear arms, like any other rights, includes responsibilities which are clearly spelled out on Justice Scalia's Heller's ruling. His conservative persona is highly respected in conservatives circles. I see no sensible reason for namvet to disagree with him.

Talking about decapitating please notice that the elegantly carved words of the second amendment on the NRA headquartes building, the " For the militia..." heading was conviniently " decapitated". Others might interpret it as castrated, leaving the second amendment euphemistically speaking as an eunuch. In the 18th century Italy, boys were castrated to preserve their "castrati" angelical voice. Likewise the second amendment has been subconciously castrated to make it sing at the tune and "melody" of the NRA. Just kidding, my friend, I just enjoy formulating subconcious motives on everything that surrounds me...well, this is another hyperbole, indeed.

I don't anticipate black helicopters coming down to Walla Walla to confiscate guns, nor I anticipate the Supreme Court approving the sale of granade lounchers or tanks to the public. Both extremes are delusional and the product of quirky minds to proselytize their extreme agendas. Be carefull, my freind...and keep civil!

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Iopine says...

I don't know what the problem is but it is coming to light that you have a problem with comprehension. If you need a small explanation it is in the context of my post that the UK has extreme gun control laws and the liberals (touch of tongue in cheek) were the ones with the cleaver and machete (actually a chef's knife) running around butchering people in the street. It was posted as taking 20 minutes to wait for the gun patrol police so that they could take these people in custody. This will be my last post to anything that has your name on it because its like my kids - I get tired of explaining in detail what I just said!

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stvsngltn says...

"Don't give up the ship", Namvet! Post away! Paco1234's vocab is admirable, but then rhetoric is rhetoric, regardless of whether the words themselves are impressive and accurate or not. The bottom line here regarding the 2nd Amendment is of course is that it's a not-to-be-infringed legal guarantee that the people will forever maintain the natural right to keep and bear arms to counter any government-turned-tyranny and rest assured that many millions of armed citizens can certainly do that -- hopefully with the support of the US Armed Forces and patriotic law enforcement personnel if the necessity every occurs (which we must hope it doesn't). The Second Amendment is not about hunting, sporting clays, or even protecting your home against armed burglars. It's about an armed populace never being dominated by a despotic government. Could we ever have one of those? Absolutely. Picture an Obama regime on steroids. Be all that as it may, here's a Memorial Day salute to you and any/all other fellow veterans and especially to those who have fallen in defense of this great United States of America. And Paco -- I hope you and yours enjoy the day as well, veteran or not (I don't know). Enjoy the discussions here, thanks to the good old U-B and all the contributors, whether or not I agree with them.

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chicoli says...

How about 26 years in the Air Force, retired as a LC ! I still travel the country helping veterans as a Physician. I'm still a member of the VFW, ROA... Yes, I did enjoy my day!

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chicoli says...

Steve, to my knowledge there has never been an interpretation with a solid jurisprudence justifying a "despotic government" theory for the intent of the second amendment. On the other had there is plenty of evidence for the case of "treason" on those who take it upon themselves to shoot government officers under the presumption of a so called tyranny. Just the threat of doing so could get people in trouble with the FBI!

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chicoli says...

Namvet, you just cannot digest the content of a well thought out, cohesive idea unless is a "conservative" one. Maybe your kids do not understand you either! Now, that's a task for self examination!

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Iopine says...

Thank you Steve and I appreciate every day like it is memorial day. Hoping your weekend is great as well.

Posted 27 May 2013, 9:50 a.m. Suggest removal

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