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What is your favorite local summer activity to do with your children?

“Locally we love going to the river. Last year we located wearhouse beach about 45 minutes from here & we spent every weekend there. Very fun. There is a swim area, cliff jumping and a place to BBQ. We also like to camp. I have two boys 13 & 9. My oldest is on a traveling baseball team so to save money we are camping every weekend instead of using a motel.”

Kara, mother of two

“We love to visit the Milton-Freewater pool!”

Sara, mother of two

“We enjoy the M-F Drive-In Theatre. My kids love it and what’s best is that we can customize the experience for everyone. One can sit on the bed of the truck, another inside, or outside in front. Everyone is happy creating their own set up and it’s especially great for our toddler who likes to move about.”

Anabrenda, mother of three


Christine, one child

“Spending all day at the Prescott Pool with lots of moms and kids and a picnic.”

Debbie, mother of two

“My favorite activity to do with my son is going to the downtown Farmer’s Market each week to pick out fresh produce. We enjoy walking there or biking. Other than that we stay in our yard and splash in the kiddie pool.”

Sarah, one child

“Milton-Freewater Pool! But, if you’re asking for a much more local activity then it will need to be, long bike rides on Whitman Dr. or the trail behind Fort Walla Walla.”

Claudia, mother of two

“Run to the farmers market.”

Andrea, mother of two

“My kids love to explore Whitman College campus when the students are gone. There is plenty of shade and paths to follow on a hot day. We look for fish, ducks, turtles, bugs and snakes. I also let the run through the sprinkles when they are on or take a dip in fountain if no one is looking.”

Beth, mother of four

“Pack a picnic and go to the Pendleton Pool. They have something for everyone.”

Kelly, mother of two


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