Candidate Pomraning is ‘best of the best’


When I think of Allen Pomraning, three things come to mind: honesty, competence and fair-mindedness.

In terms of honesty, he recognizes and faces the truth. He brings others to discussions on the way things really are, not what some want them to be. This ability to face the truth, perhaps, is the primary key to his extraordinary success with teams.

As for competence, his professional skills, high work ethic and intelligence produced a highly successful public servant. His professional competence underpins his overall success.

He is fair-minded and is a big proponent of openness and transparency — whether it’s attending public meetings or moderating a dispute, he has a high intuitive sense of where the factual truth is. He listens before making decisions, respects others’ points of view and searches for the win-win.

In addition, he is quick and open — when he makes mistakes he shares, fixes and moves on.

In summary, the city of Walla Walla is about to experience what it is like to have the “best of the best.” When elected, he will be a collaborative leader on the City Council. Meanwhile, Walla Walla will continue to be a world-class place to live.

Joe Saxon

Walla Walla


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