Keep Walla Walla city parks picked up


I would like to start by saying what a great job the city of Walla Walla does in keeping the parks here so nicely maintained.

Now, I would like to say to the people who use these parks for sporting events, mainly soccer on the weekends, (I have nothing against sports mind you), but would they please pick up their trash! It’s not like there’s a lack of garbage containers at parks.

Many people, including myself, walk to a park every day because parks are such a beautiful place to visit.

But when they are decorated with empty water bottles, wrappers and other forms of garbage, it takes away from the beauty, not to mention the hard work the city does to make them a desirable place to go.

I have picked up garbage on my walks, so my question is why can’t others? So, come on people, please pick up your trash!

Sheri Collins

Walla Walla


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