Take America back and love our country


It’s like I’m having a bad dream. Every day I wake up thinking the people we sent to Congress to represent us will actually begin representing what a majority of Americans want.

Isn’t that why we call them representatives?

Instead, it seems they have their own agendas. If they have forgotten our agenda then all they have to do is come back to us and ask us, right? What is so hard about that?

If they aren’t representing us and our Constitution then let’s kick them out next year and start over. Or, did the government promise you something?

Will the government take something away from you if you vote for what’s best for the country? Are you getting some kind of handout?

That’s the bait folks. Almost 50 million people are on food stamps. If you came from another country, is this what you came for?

Santa Claus cannot keep giving away your money and other people’s money and our kids’ inheritance forever. When our economy is destroyed there will be no more America.

So, let’s stand up with Sen. Ted Cruz and listen to what out Founding Fathers had in mind when they wrote the Constitution. Our Founding Fathers knew good and well there would be those who would take advantage of our freedoms and generosities and the good will of the American people to undermine America.

It’s time to take America back and to love our country for those freedoms and the opportunities those freedoms give each one of us. And yes, we do have the freedom to become another Third World country — but let’s not.

Jim Weaver



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