Why Tom Foley is worthy of honor


Some of us remember when congressional representatives were responsive to the people in their districts, no matter their party affiliation.

A friend of ours, Ralph McReynolds (a committed Republican), had been a World War II vet and hated how much new equipment was thrown into the sea just to keep up war production under FDR.

One day in the 1970s, Ralph’s Social Security check didn’t arrive in time. He called U.S. Rep. Tom Foley’s Spokane office, and the paycheck arrived the next day.

To make sure the timing wasn’t just dumb luck, Ralph called around and found that Foley’s office had traced the route of the check to see what the hold up had been and had made sure the check got to Ralph, ASAP.

Foley wasn’t afraid to talk to people on the other side of the aisle and to get what needed to be done, done.

We need members of Congress who will work for all the people of the country, not just grandstand and quibble and shut the government down because they can’t have their way.

We need compromise and reconciliation and problem solving, not a mental civil war that puts regular Americans on edge and makes them choose sides instead of recognizing this is the United States, where working toward unity should be more important than causing disruption and pandering to only some Americans.

Michael Kiefel

Walla Walla


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