Key Tech unveils new cleaning system for one of its machines


Key Technology has introduced a new cleaning system for one of its machines.

The Walla Walla manufacturer has unveiled CleanBelt, described as a “clean-in-place” system for its ADR 5, the automated machine used for the removal of defect potato strips.

The system is designed to reduce sanitation and maintenance labor, minimize the cost of replacement parts and help maintain optimal performance of the machine, whose acronym stands for Automatic Defect Removal.

“Starch buildup is a persistent problem on potato strip production lines, especially on equipment with moving parts because starch hardens over time and on inspection equipment where buildup over viewing surfaces can degrade system performance,” said Marco Azzaretti, Key’s Advanced Inspection Systems product manager, in a prepared statement. “We’re addressing that with CleanBelt — it’s the first clean-in-place system for an ADR belt.”

Key expects the system will save processors 125 to 200 labor hours per year on the ADR system. The CleanBelt is a standard feature on all new ADR 5s and is offered as an infield upgrade to processors with installed ADR 5 systems. Processors with older ADR systems can get upgrades to ADR 5 with the CleanBelt.

The system eliminates the need to manually remove starch from between belt lanes and pares down the need for the belt to be manually cleaned. The cleaner equipment means longer intervals between cutter wheel rebuilds and reductions in knife replacements.


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