Global warming in decline — buy a warm coat


Ms. Halie Barker wrote a letter to the editor urging us all to join together to battle global warming, but not to deal with it in a political way. She also stated, however, that it might be too late to do anything since global warming would continue to rise even if we totally stopped emitting all greenhouse gases.

Then in the U-B on Nov. 13, an article by Fred Pearce on sun spot activity stated that, “Solar activity is declining very fast — faster than at any time in the last 9,300 years,” predicting a possible grand solar minimum (cooling/little ice age).

The article further suggest that perhaps the reduction of sun spots may not result in a cooling or a little ice age if man-made CO2 continues to flow into our atmosphere at a sufficient rate to offset the cooling sun. So, what are we to do? Increase greenhouse gases or decrease it? Perhaps we should just ignore it altogether.

Ms. Barker’s letter reminded me of those pro-warming advocates in the early 1960s who predicted that if we continued to emit man-made CO2 into our atmosphere we would soon experience an increase in our temperature of some 38 degrees, our oceans would rise some 10 feet, our ice in Antarctica would all melt away, our polar bears would all die, etc.

How did those predictions work out? Well, according to those same pro-warming advocates and using their stats (some of which were clearly cooked) and over a period of 100 years, our temperature increased by a minuscule 1.5 degrees; our seas have not risen in any appreciable degree; our ice in Antarctica remains in tact and the polar bear population flourishes.

Further, there has been no warming during the past 15 years. I believe scientists would agree the most important factor in global warming is the sun and those activities occurring thereon do, in fact, affect climate change; and a couple of other major players are el nino and la nina, as well as the exchange of heat between the ocean and the atmosphere.

These are all scientific facts, unlike man-made CO2, which is really the result of speculation or consensus by scientists. I don’t believe there exist scientific facts upon which one could absolutely concluded CO2 causes global warming any more than warming causes CO2.

So, since we are no longer in a warming period and since our sun spots are decreasing, my advise to fire up the oil stove and buy a warm winter coat.

Jerry Votendahl

Walla Walla


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