Wa-Hi tribute to veterans one of the greatest


Congratulations to the Walla Walla High School ROTC, the student body and staff for putting on one of the greatest tributes to veterans on Nov. 9.

I received a call from one of the ROTC advisers inviting me to attend. Due to my disability I was concerned about parking and walking into the building. I was greeted by several members of the ROTC who held a parking spot and was asked if I would like to be escorted.

She got me into the building and then procured a wheelchair and then wheeled me to where we formed up.

A large group of Army veterans were first to march in to the gym that was packed with students all cheering while the Wa-Hi band played the Army fight song. Next came the Navy, and my escort made sure I was first to go in while the band played “Anchors Aweigh.”

The Marines and Air Force followed. In all, there must have been 300 to 400 veterans who attended. The student body president spoke along with other dignitaries. The Wa-Hi Choir also entertained us

Afterward we were served cinnamon rolls and coffee, The cadets mingled among us asking where we served and showed an interest in our service.

The students and staff made us all feel like we were special.

Mel Haas

Walla Walla


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