Maybe it’s time for congressional term limits


Sen. Ted Cruz found out that a young upstart whippersnapper who appears to be too big for his breeches has to be put in his place. He was unable to get solid GOP support in the Senate for his move to suspend the Affordable Care Act.

The old lions have to show the need for tenure and longevity to have a voice in government. Kind of like the experience our president lays claim to.

Maybe it is time for another look at putting in term limits for Congress similar to the 22nd Amendment. Maybe two six-year terms for the Senate and try six two-year terms for the House.

Give some new faces a chance to bring some new looks to government. The Founding Fathers never thought of these representative positions as lifetime careers.

Tom Baker




VinoTinto says...

Or maybe it's time to return the gavel to a real man, Nancy Pelosi. I mean she'd have to wipe Boehner's tears off of it, change a few tea party diapers and then she could get the government gong again. Boehner has enough Republican votes to do that, but he can't get it together. He's a worthless piece of orange crap!

In closing, quit whining, accept defeat and get the government going again!!!

Posted 2 October 2013, 4:22 p.m. Suggest removal

bj84711 says...

You would have to get her head out of Obama's butt first.

Posted 2 October 2013, 5:55 p.m. Suggest removal

VinoTinto says...

Too funny! As a can-do party we could remove said head out of said butt AND still get the country going again; whereas the tea bagging Republicans are incapable of removing their heads so they remain up their butts!

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NewInWW says...

The one thing that's clear is that the shut down is entirely a Republican issue. If Boehner brings a clean CR to the floor of the House, it passes.

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Iopine says...

NewInWW - give the President a signed blank check? Would that really get this country moving back in the right direction?

After almost 5 years of traveling in the wrong direction it is time to quit the spending and reduce the government body by 2/3 so capitalism can become prominent again. And I totally agree term limits are definitely in order.

Posted 3 October 2013, 6:35 a.m. Suggest removal

NewInWW says...

The CR passed by the Senate is already a huge win for the Tea Party, as it only authorizes spending at the post-sequestration level. There's no signed "blank check," it's more like a food stamp voucher.

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Iopine says...

First you didn't answer the last part of my post but presenting a clean C/R with post-sequestration levels is still funding a bloated government. Same as a blank signed check. With 93% of the EPA being furloughed due to being non-essential employees would you say that there is some bloat to trim?

Different perspective - if you have children or plan on having children would you want to spend and spend and leave the debt up to them to be miserable and pay off? With the debt ceiling hitting $17 trillion and the unsecured debt running over $90 trillion, where does that leave the next multiple younger generations?

Posted 4 October 2013, 9:18 a.m. Suggest removal

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