All GMO foods should be labeled


I want genetically modified organisms labeled, in my face on the front of the package.

I was most of the way through the best oranges I’d ever tasted when I noted they never molded, decayed, tasted less delicious or formed seed over three months. I kept one for months longer. The skin thinned but the interior was alluringly fresh.

None of these foods have to be publicized when they hit the market or has to be held to American regulations of independent testing. Those against Initiative 522 are using the tactics of the tobacco industry, scaring us about the high cost of policing no smoking areas and boldly touting the safety of their product.

I want to stop thinking other countries are just backward and superstitious about GMO dangers. I want to see more testing and hope labeling will bring GMOs out of secrecy since 1992.

I want testing that doesn’t involve shortening the testing to 90 days, calling it safe for humans if cancer results at 120 days.

I want to know if findings in other countries of severe gastrointestinal inflammation mean something about why I’ve come to be precancerous for esophageal, stomach and intestinal cancer.

I want farmers to stop telling people GMOs, genetically modified Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) and Roundup have tested safe for soil, animals, crops and consumption because Monsanto told them so. Monsanto has been sued for false advertising regarding Roundup not staying resident in the soil. Other countries find GM Bt in soil organisms, gut flora and tissue.

If GMO seed is identical to real grain, how do they trespass on farmers’ land and find DNA “drift” onto clean crops?

I want laws in some states against criticizing GMOs to be lifted. Items starting with GMO ingredients can’t finish without a trace of GM DNA.

GM DNA can be traced through every creature eating it or those creatures. Labeling will show farmers we want food that heals and nourishes, not something pretending to be food.

Real food cost is less than toxic replacement when medical bills and over- the-counter pain/allergy medications are included. I want us to get labeling on the packages and GMOs out of the darkness so we can see them. I want American testing.

What about mixing Roundup with blood pressure medications or GMOs with diabetes? I want labels for help to find more food I can eat. Refine the labels later, if desired, but please, give them to us now.

Linda Sue Buehler

Walla Walla



PearlY says...

Give the woman an orange that is the best she's ever tasted and keeps really well, and look what happens! Hint: Getting a polite "thank you" will not be one of the options.

Posted 15 October 2013, 12:36 p.m. Suggest removal

PearlY says...

There are plenty of food producers who cater to anti-GM food shoppers. The solution if you want to be sure you're buying non-GM food is to buy it from those producers, just like people who want kosher foods or halal foods or organic foods do now. It isn't to demand that the whole rest of the market cater to your particular superstitions. Vote with your dollars, and let other people do the same.

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kfarrens says...

I want people like Linda to stop telling me how to farm and with what. Roundup is safe! I use it as a tool just like any other piece of equipment I have. Are you scared of a Combine or Tractor? If you understood you would not be so angry and scared.

Posted 15 October 2013, 5:35 p.m. Suggest removal

Iopine says...

I would think that a person that doesn't trust the food on the shelf should probably try there hand at growing there own!

Posted 16 October 2013, 9:24 a.m. Suggest removal

grammaphyllis says...

It would be nice if Linda told us what she really WANTS.
If my count was correct, she typed "I WANT" ten times in her letter.
Please, Linda, what do you really want??

NO on 522 That's what I want.

Posted 16 October 2013, 10:48 a.m. Suggest removal

thrifty says...

Nice of Linda Sue to tell us what advocates for 522 really want. Or should I say don't want. They are opposed to GM foods. What they apparently don't grasp is that most of the chemicals they are opposed to are used to produce foods that aren't GM foods. Many of the GM foods contain traits other than resistance to Roundup. Monsanto is just one of the many companies that is working to produce plants that have genetically modified traits. Many of Monsanto's products have resistance to Roundup since that was originally a product produced by Monsanto. Other companies are working to develop plants with other traits.

Another fact is that these products are tested by the FDA, the EPA, and the Dept of Agriculture. Generally speaking most of those opposed to GMOs are big fans of these government agencies. In addition I suspect that these same people also supported legalization of pot since all it really does is screw up your mind which has recently become apparent.

Posted 16 October 2013, 5:26 p.m. Suggest removal

Igor says...

The FDA generally relies on the producers to do the testing under FDA supervision. That said, there is not a shred of credible evidence that GMO food products are harmful to consumers. Most corn is the product of genetic engineering as are many other vegetables that we've been consuming for years now. How the “Frankenfood” myth ever got legs would be interesting to understand. Like so many other nutty beliefs of the progressive left, the GMO canard has become a religious-like, iconic faith for these peculiar people. These are the same folks that are always wringing their hands over "the starving children" but, for reasons that I can’t even begin to comprehend, are violently opposed to agricultural biotechnology. Sadly, they continue to spread inaccurate horror stories and are threatening to derail progress vitally needed to feed the world. I've seen lots of foolish initiatives come down the pike but I-522 is, without question, the most absurd. Hopefully sanity will prevail and the voters will shoot it down.

Posted 17 October 2013, 4:23 p.m. Suggest removal

MYORK118 says...

Thank you, Linda Sue for your YES 522 advocacy. The evidence that GM food and toxic additives exist only for profit-producing benefits, (not health benefits), are portrayed in the film "The Beautiful Truth", directed by Steve Kroschel with Charlotte Gerson, Jay Kordich, Garrett Kroschel, and Joyce Riley. With our emphatic stance to promote healthy, organic produce and to educate others, we are winning world-wide over this glooming spectre. And, no, "thrifty", I am not a fan of the FDA or other government agencies who are in bed with these corporate greed-mongers.

Posted 20 October 2013, 7:37 a.m. Suggest removal

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