Our thought-police commissar


In the process of spiking the ball after his questionable political debt-ceiling, budget-control victory over the enemy party (GOP), the president had some fascinating comments in one of his frequent addresses to the ever-ready television cameras at the White House.

He asked his audience to cease listening to talk radio and to lobbyists. He requested that as good citizens we must cease and desist reading blogs on the Internet. What is the solution?

Are we to receive a recommended booklist like we were handed in seventh grade? Will there be a politically correct media outlet that will not disturb our minds when thinking of our leader and his proposals?

Maybe all the news sources can be filtered by Valerie Jarrett in the White House so we can all hold positive feelings toward our commander-in-chief.

It is difficult to realize that we have an elected thought-police commissar who might even surprise George Orwell.

Tom Baker




tpeacock says...

I'm fairly certain his point was, as many of us already know; talk show hosts, no matter which side they represent, are doing just that, representing. Their words and viewpoints need to be taken with a sack of salt, not just a grain, as they are misleading, untrue, or off-base in reality, truth, and facts for the most part.
Much worse are the bloggers as they have an even freer reign of garbage they can spew, with little or no threat of censure. While it is extremely difficult to find the truth in some matters, to use any talk show or blogger as an outlet for that elusive truth, is an exercise in futility. These talk show hosts care more about the bottom dollar they rake in than giving any of us the truth, just listen to them as they shill products they have little to know idea of just what it is they are shilling, and each has at least one if not several books they want us to buy.
Or, we can just go along with the idea that if he's not from my party, he's lying; a very sad route that too many folks are too willing to take. Especially with the Internet close at hand, where you can't lie, because. well, they said on the Internet you can't lie.
And, by the way, I have some beach front property in the Blue Mountains I want to sell!!

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downhillracer says...

To continue with the Orwellian/Fox News/Glenn Beck inspired "thinking" Mr. Baker seems compelled to share with the world:

“I enjoy talking to you. Your mind appeals to me. It resembles my own mind except that you happen to be insane.”

Thank you, U-B, for continuing to highlight the insanity found in the current Tea Party leadership.

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