Experience is important!


The current choice of mayor for College Place in this election is one of importance that will affect the city for an extended period.

The mayor is the public representative of the community throughout the region and across the state, one who implements the policies of the seven-member Council in the legal, financial, administration and operation of the city of College Place.

As a former College Place City Council member of many years, I have been privileged to work with several mayors who were each dedicated to help the city in responsible and conservative growth.

Mayor Rick Newby is a practical visionary leader who works with the Council, citizens and businesses to encourage strategic goals, provide high quality services, promote economic growth and keep expenses and taxes low. He is qualified by education; BA in business administration, a Certificate of Municipal Leadership, as well as his nearly 12 years of experience with the Planning Commission, City Council and as mayor of the city of College Place.

When I served on the Council with Mayor Newby, I found him to be dedicated and determined to serve the best interest of all the citizens of College Place. Even in a poor economy, with his leadership we were able to achieve water system independence, provide access to 90 acres of prime commercial property and increase our sales-tax revenues

He is knowledgeable and committed to responsible growth, limiting government and maintaining community values. For all these reasons and more I urge all College Place citizens to vote to retain Rick Newby as mayor.

R. Scott Duncan

College Place



Igor says...

Scott Duncan knows better than anyone and has served longer on the Council than anyone since the City was incorporated. I hope that people will listen to Scott.

Posted 30 October 2013, 12:17 a.m. Suggest removal

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