Minutes - Garfield County - 10/28/13


Garfield County Commissioners are Robert Johnson, Dean Burton and Wynne McCabe. With all present Monday, the board:

LAND SALE: Opened bids for two pieces of county land. Accepted bid of $1,922 from Thomas Geiger for Geiger land, which has a $859 minimum bid. No bids were made for Pataha Creek land, so the county will look into a private sale of the land.

BUDGET: Had district court budget discussion. Commissioners will be meeting with department heads every week to review proposed 2014 budgets prior to final budget approval in December.

TRANSPORTATION: Held public hearing on development plan for rural transportation program and approved plan. Set hearing date for county’s six-year transportation plan, which outlines road projects, for Nov. 18 at 9:30 a.m.

FORESTRY: The county receives federal funds every year to compensate for reduced income from timber harvest on National Forest land within the county. Approved motion to give these funds to the Southeast Washington Resource Advisory Committee to pool with Asotin and Columbia County funds for projects on forest land.

POSTAGE: Signed agreement with Neopost for postal metering. The five-year contract costs $135.50 per month, the same amount as the old contract, and includes a new postal meter.

SPEAKERS: Approved request to the Harold and Helen Shepherd Foundation for $10,619 to install a speaker system along Main Street to play seasonal music and announce public events and parades. 0


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