It’s not fair to blame sasquatch


Sean Healy has nothing to worry about. The “sasquatch” is not indigenous to this area. This creature prefers the cooler climate of the Olympic Mountains on the Washington Coast, where there is a wider variety of food sources and habitat.

It is a natural behavior of animals to defecate wherever they may be, and they need water to survive. I don’t think animals understand the concept of “revenge,” but I wouldn’t blame them for being angry for what humans are doing to their homes.

It is commendable there are people such as Sean who want to call the water purity problem to our attention, but unless he can provide a sample, I don’t think it’s fair to blame the sasquatch.

Further, if he wants to trek around in the woods during hunting season I hope he takes extreme precaution.

Sean is climbing the wrong trees, albeit a well-intended (and entertaining) gesture. The sasquatch is a rare creature and on the endangered list. Leave them alone. In my encounter with one, I wasn’t about to stick around to find out if it could breed with humans. I threw it a candy bar and ran.

DeBee Justice



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