Turn to experts on bigfoot management


Sean Healy’s recent letter highlights several important issues surrounding the protection of the Mill Creek watershed, but unfortunately the conclusions he draws are wholly unrealistic.

It may very well be the case that groups of sasquatch regularly gather to cavort in the hills above our town, but the connection between these primitive celebrations and damaged local fisheries remains speculative at best. Moreover, pitting the interests of two endangered species against each other in defense of a limited resource like Mill Creek sets a dangerous precedent.

Who is to say that steelhead should have priority over bigfoot when it comes to access to the watershed? What is Mr. Healy’s expertise in this matter?

Clearly, more research is needed before we heedlessly dismiss the interests of our shy and secretive neighbors.

Mr. Healy’s plan for remediation is also quite problematic. He suggests patrolling the watershed and ticketing offenders. But how does he propose to ticket bigfoot? Bigfoot does not carry ID. Bigfoot does not have pockets!

Mr. Healy has done us a great service by raising these issues, but he is new to the area, and his plan offers little hope of success. A serious crisis demands serious solutions, and for that we must, as a community, turn to experts in bigfoot management.

Mr. Healy should let those with more experience handle this sensitive issue. And, Mr. Healy should leave bigfoot alone.

D. Michael Bottoms

Walla Walla


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