Walla Walla Water Watcher - 9/13/13



Facts and tips on water usage and conservation are presented weekly by the city of Walla Walla in partnership with Walla Walla Community College and the Union-Bulletin.

Precipitation and moisture

Last September: 0.76 inches

This September so far: 0.17 inches

Soil moisture content: Normal

Water usage

This week’s average water use by all city customers: 14.72 million gallons per day. Last week’s average water use: 15.67 million gallons per day.

Water use guidelines

For the week of Sept. 5-11, precipitation was 0.330 inches and turf grass in the area used 1.037 inches of moisture, according to WSU AgWeathernet data. Home irrigators should have run spray type sprinklers three times for 14 minutes and rotor type sprinklers three times for 32 minutes this week. Calculations are based on average precipitation rates, please adjust for local conditions.

Yard care and water savings tips

• Water brown spots in your lawn with a hose instead of increasing irrigation time on your timer.

• Water your lawn only when it needs it. A good way to see if your lawn needs watering is to step on the grass. If it springs back up when you move, it doesn’t need water. If it stays flat, the lawn is ready for watering.

• Turn off the tap while cleaning your teeth, shaving or washing your face. You can waste up to 2 gallons a minute just by letting the water pour down the sink.

• Taking a short shower rather than a bath could save you up to 100 gallons a week. If you do have baths just half-fill them.

• Scrape the food left on your dishes into the garbage instead of using water to rinse it down the disposal.


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