Corporatists cause many of our problems


Our country dithers about Syria, and we dither about the Brotherly Axis of the Middle East, choosing bad friends. Syria hurts un-uniformed innocents, Mr. O. says, and it’s ours to punish.

We will bomb, Mr. O. says, and we’ll show our long hard faces. We’ll allow them to disperse their massed targets, Mr. O. says, and we’ll not hurt anybody.

Bodies will be long in the dirt because the corporatists have killings to make.

We attend in the Middle East because the corporatists want the beautiful black petroleum blood that we buy for them, and after we have bought it they will sell it to us again, and again.

Let us remember that MacArthur was right about China, and was derided by Eisenhower and his corporatist sycophants.

Why do we allow our corporatists masters? Because it’s easier when somebody else assumes the responsibility for our being.

Dave Castleman



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