Letter - Walla Walla County should cut its losses, get out of Kelley Building


As reported earlier by the Union-Bulletin, the Kelley Building is costing Walla Walla County at least $1,000 a month because renters of the building cannot pay! This is a $12,000 a year loss.

If this isn’t bad enough our county commissioners will need to pay another $475,000 (just short of half a million) for updating the heat and air conditioning unit. It was further reported that this may not solve the problem and that an additional $500,000 may be needed to an already losing investment!

After being turned down for a grant by the Port of Walla Walla, the county commissioners were given a $200,000 loan but at 3 percent interest.

Yes, it is a joint venture with Human Resources, which is to cover $75,000 of the total, but my question is when do we say enough is enough and get out of this fiasco?

Please, someone help me understand how this is fiscally responsible?

Jacque Richerzhagen

College Place


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