The killing has got to stop


I don’t know this baby girl — Yesica A. Olivos.

Enough is enough! Why are we allowing our kids do such harm?

I am sickened by our town and the thugs who live in it.

I’m not one to judge by any means, but we as a community have to make this stop! This is killing not only our babies, but our families, future and our hearts!

I am at this moment embarrassed to be a citizen of this county.

Some might question why I think it’s kids killing kids? Because it is!

Vanessa Tatlow

Walla Walla



chicoli says...

Vanessa, your pain reflects the pain many of us are enduring! There is hope in that prevention could be improved by taking guns out of the equation. Let's put pressure on the justice system to follow the gun ownership. Where there was one there are more that could be removed.

In Venezuela gun murders among children were dramaticaly reduced after a youth program was started. Musical instruments were given for free, lessons were offered and youth musical orchestras promptly doted the Country. Almost all participants never touched a gun again in their lives.

Gustavo Dudamel, the music director for the Los Angeles Philarmonic and the Gothemburg Symphony, Sweden is the product of that Venezenlan youth program.

Let's start a similar program here in Walla Walla!

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wwguy7 says...

Paco. Please let this family grieve and not turn this into one of your rants. Evil people will do evil things, regardless of gun control. China has heavily regulated gun ownership laws. Generally, private citizens can't own guns. I read a few months ago about a man who went on a rampage with a KNIFE at a primary school, killing children and injuring many more. Evil people will find ways to do evil things, regardless of whether a gun is available or not.

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chicoli says...

Some comments:

1. Vanessa's pain reflects the pain many of us ( I hope wwguy too) are now enduring. This statement implies my alignment with this greving family's predicament. I resent your gratutiously judging the legitimacy of my feelings!

2. Many times good people turned into evil people after the facts. The only thing they need is a gun or a knife, or simply strong hands to turn themselves into "evil". It happens that guns, as a choice in this country, turn evils at a gargantuan rate more times than any other country in the face of the earth.

3. Can you imagine how many more people, this Chinese killer with a Russian AK-47 , could've killed in his rampage? Still Americans slaughter more Americans hundred of times more than Chinese kill Chinese.

4. Do we have more evil people than other countries? Certainly not! We do have more unregulated, unregistered guns in the hands of people without background cheks than any other country in the world. Weapons death per year in this country are even higher than those countries currently at war. So this "evil people" argument is a red herring at its best.

5. For children who are unfortunate enough to be poor and are disenfranchised from Society it is infinitetly better to put a musical instrument in their hands than a gun. And basically this is my whole point!

6. There are more civil, empirical ways to understand some human behaviors. It is not enough to just simply dismiss then as "evil" wich is an archaic, primitive, lazy way quite popular during the Inquisition 500 years ago.

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stevec89 says...

Vanessa never said anything about guns she talked about thugs and or gangs and that we need to find some way to stop having kids killing kids, Stop trying to make everything a gun issue.

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chicoli says...

The tittle of the letter is " The KILLING has got to stop" and her comments such as "I am at this moment embarrassed to be a citizen of this county" suggest to anyone attuned to the gun violence in this Country that she is obviously reffering to gun violence as it pertains to childrens violence. She never said anything about gangs either...but for intelligent readers like you, it's obvious...and I agree!

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Iopine says...

If your so embarrassed to be a citizen of this country (are you legal) - do you need a ride to the bus station?

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MyFamNews says...

She didn't say country, she said county and why do you assume that only a non citizen would feel embarrassment regarding the horrific tragedy. Why is the usual first reaction, to insist that a person LEAVE, when they express that concern, from one who loudly defends his right to speak.

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Iopine says...

MyFamNews - if your going to get in some ones face be sure of your facts bud - my comment was for paco1234. My first reaction when I respond to a comment is make sure of which comment I'm commenting to!

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MyFamNews says...

Namvet... I was replying to you. You referenced the letter writer's embarrassment; asked if they were legal; and did they need a ride. I notice you didn't answer my inquiry, but that's okay, too.

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Iopine says...

I was actually referenceing Paco's comment because he was the one promoting the gun issue which he always does. The letter writer did not state a word about guns but others brought that into the issue. If you read the letter she was speaking in terms of the town allowing these thugs to get away with murder and getting a slap on the hand for it.

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Iopine says...

As an after thought MyFamNews - The letter writer (reading her letter) has great moxie and common sense.

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downhillracer says...

Yes, evil people will do evil things, and, you can not deny the rate of incidence when firearms are so readily available. To reject this as an element of the conversation is simply illogical.

Just as illogical is to suggest that Walla Walla is "sickening", or the root cause. The gang problem is pervasive and world wide - thank goodness we have a Sheriff as skilled as Turner and his team on our side.

The 'wannabees' who allegedly perpetrated this crime are far from true gang members, they are only pretenders, yet just as deadly.

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PChavez says...

Any gang members that are born to first generation immigrants should be deported.

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chicoli says...

This argument is only reflecting anger, vindictiveness and intolerance. This is a Country of laws and, in keeping with the law, you must categorize the magnitude of the offense, the citizenship of the offender, and the citizen's rights, etc.

What does Chavez suggests we should do with those gang members born fist generation inmigrant Irish, Italians, Cubans, etc? Or is it that Mr. Chavez does not fully understand the American Democracy!

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stevec89 says...

Mark Twain once made a quote I don't remember all the way it was said but it was kind of like "it is better to keep your mouth shut and have people think you a fool or open it and remove no doubt" it could also go for making comments, I see that you have to leave comment on almost every topic. I REST MY CASE!

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chicoli says...

Steve, you just can not handle rethoric that goes just a bit beyond your simplistic, shallow way of looking at issues. And remmember, Bill Cosby once said "A word to the wise ain't necessary - it's the shallow ones that need the advice."

Now, it's time to finish your GED...and don't REST YOUR CASE until is done!

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peaches says...

not the gun...lack of parenting and drug use.

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barracuda says...

Re: Gun Control............ There are too many guns out here now for that......... There is no way this killer would have surrendered his gun to authorities when his friends/gang members have guns... To think otherwise is naive .

I read where a girl intentionally overdosed on stolen pain pills in Spokane last week. Should we outlaw pain pills? Oh, that's right...... It is already illegal to use and consume other people's drugs. Saying a gun is responsible for this murder is like saying pills are the cause for overdoses........

The fire in CP last weekend..... If the law would have prohibit the sale of matches would this particular arson fire happen? Who knows, but could have been done with a lighter.... Now do we outlaw lighters too? (full discloser.... I am not privey to any info in the fire)

Education is a good place to start.............

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PGAgolfer says...

Automobile accidents kill far more people every year than guns. Should we outlaw those 1500 to 50000 lb weapons. I think not.... Society only needs to wake up and make sure that those thugs that choose to live a lifestyle that is dangerous to others get the full punishment and never have the ability to perpetrate a second violent crime. If you catch my drift.

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MyFamNews says...

Wrong: 2010 stats, show 16 states had a larger number of gun deaths than car accident deaths. Over half are in the west and Washington is one. I would imagine that those stats have only increased since then.

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barracuda says...

Your stats are incorrect.
Check this out...

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barracuda says...

Please disregard my posting above.... It is confusing and promotes both issues as correct.... Graph shows one thing and the story shows another.... Not valid info....

Disregard the link I posted above:

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MyFamNews says...

The map on the site you mention, was produced by the Department of Transportation and the Center for Disease Control. It is not attributed to anyone else, so one can assume that these statistics are genuine.

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adpomraning says...

See first hand what is being done by our Walla Walla Police Department. Join the Citizens police academy starting soon! Visit the City of Walla Walla Web site for details. Its free. Its fun. Its informative.
Allen Pomraning, Walla Walla City Council

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loplover says...

There are only two true human emotions, love and fear. When a human being kills, at the bottom of the rage, hatred, or whatever it appears to be the motivation, underneath that is fear. Why is there so much more fear and it's manifestations of rage, anger, bigotry, racism, sexism, xenophobia, and the rest of the negative 'causes' for murder than ever before? The question is complicated and the answer is even more complex. I'm only going to talk about the gang issue here, but it's hardly the only, or even the biggest, source of violence in our country. In the Walla Walla area, however, I think that it is the biggest source of violent crime.

Gang life is one that revolves around fear and revenge for slights, either real or imagined. First, we must end the gang takeover of our town, however that has to be done. The fact that drive-by shootings and gang fights in which people are stabbed or shot result in 30-day jail sentences where non-violent drug possession results in decades of incarceration is one way we show dramatically where our priorities lie. Violence toward another being, including animals, should result in prison-period. No plea bargaining it down to a few days in jail or a fine. And since violence is an indication of a troubled person, perhaps a mentally ill one, effective treatment for anger issues and the need for love that results in children joining gangs in the first place need to be in place both within the adult and juvenile prison systems, as well as in the community, when children might possibly be young enough to be turned from gang membership as a path to belonging.

Personally I'm as left-wing politically as one can be, but the right has the correct answer to the most fundamental problem that causes gang membership, fragmented families and young girls having babies without a father in the picture. It's too bad that everyone is so blinded by their political worldview that we can't work together to address this without attacking one another. Surely we can all agree that children need two stable parents and a functional family in which to raise healthy children, at least. We're going to disagree on how to implement that, but shouldn't we all agree on that much? Gangs form a surrogate family for children without a functional biological one, and without male role models and stable home lives, boys are going to continue to be attracted into gangs.

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peaches says...

a family can function very nicely with one "stable parent". My sons father wasn't around, he was scholar athlete and an honor student. He is currently 18 years old and a firefighter in the United states Air Force. The love, commitment, and dedication of one parent shouldn't be underestimated. Like I said before, lack of parenting is a main factor, but one parent willing to go the extra mile and not blame laziness and lack of commitment on society and culture is quite capable of raising healthy, functioning children.

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